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I Love to Code...

I can't believe I missed TWO days in a row of blogging (!!!). Time flies sometimes...

Sister Sue is not doing too well right now with her health (heart). Your good thoughts and prayers are most welcome. Marilyn and I are spending a lot of time thinking about her and praying for her. She might skip her cribbage trip to Reno, which would be a terrible shame. (sigh)

My friend, Donn, had his surgery yesterday, which sounds like it went well. He's in a big cast right now, poor man -- yet still trying to help me with all I've asked for! What a trooper! Even in pain and on meds he's working away on numbers for the IT budget. I love that man to pieces.

I got to see Mark today, who showed up late afternoon and chatted with me for a couple of hours. I hadn't seen him in ages, so that was really nice! He's such a great guy. And he's really anxious to get back to hanging out and working on video at the festival again. He's had some serious health issues and still isn't doing that well, poor guy. He just lifted my spirits when he walked in!

Again, good thoughts and prayers for both Donn and Mark are welcome, too -- thanks!

Now, on to my LOVE of coding, which is what was on my mind as I decided to blog tonight. (smile)

My morning was an annoying waste of time, so I'm not even going there. I was in the office and trying to get some tasks done, but it didn't happen. Anyway, in spite of what was a frustrating day in many ways, PEOPLE and WORK made it a good day. (Not mentioning the details of my tantrum, but it did involve slamming a note pad to the floor. But considering it was a narrow, thin pad, it was entirely ineffective and pretty amusing. Hahahahaha.)

Anyway, I finally got to work on the Roosevelt HS Alumni website this afternoon. I did some work on it over the weekend, too. Mike really wants to unveil it this week. I'd like to do that, too -- but it needs to be READY, needless to say! And it's difficult to explain to him what this means, as he's not very computer literate...

I had the code of the page open, the code of the stylesheet open and was viewing the page in Firefox. That's when Donn phoned and I took his lengthy call. Then Mark came in while I was talking with Donn. Once I got off the phone, I talked to Mark, but now and then I'd mess with the code.

The cascading aspect of CSS (cascading style sheets) can sometimes cause actions you neither want nor expect. I tried one thing and it didn't work. Then suddenly I got an idea and tried something else. Success! It was such a great moment.

Really, I love how good it feels when I work over code and make it do what I WANT. I was amused by the fact that I was fixing something that had been correct earlier on, but got messed up as I added and changed code to make certain effects. It's difficult to explain, but often I mess up my own code while 'tweaking' certain aspects of the design. (grin)

Marilyn and I bought the domain tonight, so hopefully it will activate right away. I may be able to please Mike with the site, after all... Who knows? It's not going to be the 'surprise' I was hoping for, though, as he sent me an email that was almost ordering me to get it done! Really, Mike? I mean, really?

We got a bid on the work we want to do on the house today from Vanguard -- and I did speak briefly to Blake. We also got something from Levi. We got better ideas tonight of what we want.

Well, it's late, so I'll end. I almost forgot! Today was cousin Linda's birthday. We haven't seen her in ages, but at least we're in touch via Facebook... Gotta love Social Media!

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