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Saturday? More IT, of Course...

Marilyn wasn't feeling too well much of the day, poor thing...

Anyway, as I reported yesterday, a lot of my PLANNED IT projects for Friday did NOT end up happening. Frustrating, to say the least.

Kris had told me he would take in Rosanna's computer in the morning -- and I'd told her she'd have access via Remote by noon. Right.

When I finally reached Kris via phone, he still hadn't been in the office. (Probably needless to say, this was around noon at the time...) I tell him I have a workaround that will let Rosanna start Remoting -- just to leave her current (old) computer available. He reminds me that we turned it OFF getting ready to replace it. (sigh)

So I tell him I'm heading in. He, by the way, is at a picnic. Um... really? Like he didn't KNOW that yesterday when we talked. It was unpleasant to realize I'd been lied to. But then I decided it was my own problem for expecting him to come in on the weekend... (Let's not go there that I'd expected him to do the jobs yesterday, because it's just upsetting.)

Kris tells me he'll probably be there before me, but I went anyway. After all, I'm the one who promised Rosanna she'd be able to Remote, so I need to make it happen and keep my word. I can't rely on someone else to do that for me...

With Marilyn not feeling well and needing to do her hair, I ask sister Sue if she feels up to taking me. She kindly did this, and just hung around while I worked.

I tidied up Rosanna's office, moved her current/old computer to the part of her desk that used to be Pattye's. I set it up and use my own computer to be sure I can actually Remote to it with no problem. Then I unbox the two monitors for the new computer and leave them on her desk. And I broke down the boxes for recycling.

So Sue and I are just leaving the building as Kris drives up. So I let him in and go in to talk briefly with him.

I'd already texted him to tell him he didn't need to do the setup -- I'd do it myself. He could just drop her computer off and let it go at that.

I'd spaced the whole QuickBooks setup, of course. So we discuss that, and I try to make it clear that it needs to happen this week. I told Kris that Rosanna or I could have done the setup, but I respect his expertise and wanted him involved -- which is quite true. Kris really knows QuickBook, so I count on his help.

But if he can't get to the project this week, I guess I'll have to do it, regardless...

After we left, Sue and I went and got Mexican takeout. She dropped me off and headed home.

Marilyn was lying down in her bed (!!!), which is something she rarely ever does. (Usually even when she's ill she'll rest on the sofa in the family room.) I brought her a taco and then went to have something to eat.

Later I went to my bedroom and was lying around reading my current book on my Kindle. I'm getting close to the end, but can't seem to finish it.

Anyway, Marilyn did get up later in the day and had more to eat -- and has been playing Medieval Sims and Zuma. She's feeling a bit better, happily.

Our damn DVR is seriously messed up. Apparently we got a bad one. We've known for awhile now that we need to take it in and get it replaced. Today it's barely working at all. (big sigh) I've got a bad remote that needs replacing, too, for that matter...

Well, even though I did have to go to work, all in all it's been a lazy day. I've been really tied much of the week, so I'm glad.

No, we didn't end up going to our PSSCA event today, as we'd planned. But considering it's an OUTDOOR event and it's been raining all day long, I'm not sorry we skipped it. I guess we'll have to see how the weather is tomorrow -- and how Marilyn feels -- before we decide if we'll go Sunday instead (it's a two-day event).

I've been playing around making wallpapers for my computer tonight. Fun, fun! I still love making computer graphics. I just don't get much time for the fun stuff -- usually I'm doing work-oriented graphics...

Marilyn and I signed up at Angie's List this week, finally. We both decided it was worth the cost -- at least for the first year. If it turns out we don't use it much, perhaps we'll cancel it next year... I'll let you know what I think about it.

Finally, I'm up to 1,041 Friends at Facebook now... (smile)

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