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Friday? It Was Okay...

My day started out at home, where I got a few things done and managed to wash my hair (it needed it). Marilyn came to pick me up mid-day so I could be in the office for afternoon work.

I got a number of things done, but was frustrated by how late Kris arrived.

Plus, Kris did not take care of the Broadvox situation (surprise) -- so I ended up getting Rudy to do that (separate, additional fee, mind you). Rudy's planning to do it tomorrow morning. No rush or anything, seeing as it MUST be done before Monday for us to have phones. I don't understand WHY Kris couldn't have simply told me to have Inflow do it to begin with, rather than specifically asking me not to contact them, but whatever. I learned a valuable lesson: When Marilyn tells me to contact Inflow, I need to do what she says. Period.

Finally, Kris didn't bring in Rosanna's new computer, either, which was very frustrating to me. In fact, he has NOT purchased the additional computer at this point. Somehow he didn't get that he was supposed to do that (really???), in spite of my numerous emails and text messages to him... (sigh)

So, though I encouraged Rosanna to go home after her dental appointment because she wouldn't have an available computer, that wasn't really the case. Plus, I told her she could use Remote Desktop as of tomorrow, but she won't have access until probably noon at the earliest... (And it could be later.)

Kris has said he'll take the computer in first thing tomorrow and set it up. He's said he'll put it on the network -- I guess we'll see about that. He's never yet done it, and the time he did it I had to re-do it, so... He's also going to add some software, then I'll need to do all of my setup, which takes time, too. (sigh)

I did start moving monitors around and pairing them up, preparing for the dual monitor setup that's hopefully happening (at least starting) next week. Donn was by today briefly to get the check to purchase the equipment (Denise was with him). Again, I'm excited about having him work with me in the future! He met with Alex and I'm also excited about getting the CAD software situation set up.

I went for takeout for lunch for Marilyn and me from Mandarin Cove, one of our fave restaurants. I got their house fried rice, which has three kinds of meat (beef, chicken and shrimp) and is delicious. They do a heavy business all the time. Today they were packed (I literally saw someone take the last free table, and this is a big place), plus doing a booming takeout crowd, too.

We were both hungry -- and I almost wolfed down my entire lunch, sitting in Marilyn's office. Beside getting those larger bottles of pop, I also drank a full bottle of water in the afternoon...

I reasoned out a couple of different issues (IT-related) that needed addressing -- it's always exciting when things work out the way I want them to!

I also worked on a photo gallery for the festival's Facebook page, made a change at the PSSCA website and so on. No, I didn't work on the Roosevelt site -- I just didn't have enough time.

The weather today was NICE -- no rain in site! But I heard on the news that we were going down into the 40's overnight tonight. It may still be summer, but fall is pushing right in on us.

Sister Sue told me by phone she was dizzy all day today. We want her to stay positive, as it hasn't been that long since her surgery -- and she just got the new meds. It can take months for both surgeries and medications to take effect, and we're both still very hopeful things will work out fine for her. We think she should still plan to take her trip to Reno and try to keep as active as she feels up to. Rest, relaxation, regular meals and staying positive are what she needs -- plus good thoughts and prayers from family and friends (who all support her). I don't want to worry too much or become an alarmist, because there's really no point. Recent events can be viewed as setbacks, but, again, it's really too soon to know...

After meeting with Levi and Jim yesterday, Marilyn started to consider the financial side of trying to do our kitchen (and maybe 'my' bathroom -- the upstairs bath). She didn't want to go into our line of credit, so she's probably going to refinance the house, instead. The cost of a 'new' kitchen is far more than we'd expected, but we want to do it right. She talked to her finance person and it's sounding really good -- so we're both feeling pretty positive today!

I need to do some things before we have another appraisal of the house, but I'm ready and willing to tackle that.

We've had dinner, watched some TV and relaxed. We didn't leave work until 7:00, in spite of planning originally to be out of there at 5:00, then later deciding on 6:00 at the very latest. So we got home close to 7:30 -- which isn't that bad for us as a rule, but was much later than we'd hoped. Kris coming late was much of the problem. He just doesn't have a lot of time to devote to the festival anymore, now that he's tied up with other work. I try not to bother him much, but it is what it is...

I'm reading a good book on my Kindle, but have been too tired lately to get far in it. So once I finish this entry I'm off to read and nap! Marilyn and I have an event (PSSCA) to attend tomorrow, so we need a good night of sleep...

By the way, we saw "Letters to Juliet" on cable TV and just LOVED it! Apparently it got mixed reviews, but I'd seriously recommend -- and I'm neither a 'chick flick' fan or that big on romance movies...

I guess that's it for today! I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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