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Sister Sue and Work at the Festival Office

For those who might be wondering, sister Sue saw the doctor today. The pacemaker is working as it's supposed to, but her a-fib is a concern, so she's now on two new heart meds. Hopefully this will help the situation...

As for work here at the office, Marilyn and I are actually still here (it's just past six). I got a lot of IT things done, which feels good.

Donn came in to meet with Alex and me about CADS. We moving forward on that using his advice.

He's also going to help me with the dual monitor project, getting several people up to speed with duals -- hopefully starting the end of next week. (woo hoo) Finance cut him a check to cover the cost of the new monitors and the video cards -- hopefully enough were ordered!

We also discussed his hourly rate and other details, including projects I'm anxious to have him tackle. Several are things that I'd be doing if he didn't -- and I'd much prefer to see him get paid to do these jobs, freeing me up for other work! I could list all these tasks, but I'll spare you. Let's just say that one of them is something I've wanted done since we moved into this office, which was a year ago this past March (!!!).

I got the 22" monitors set up at the two stations near the lobby ('Receptionist' and 'Front Desk' are how we've named these). That seemed like the best use of these large monitors, as I didn't plan to put have duals there.

Four people in our office currently have duals: Rosanna, Marilyn, Carol and Rich. But the time we're done, it should be increased to 11 total! That's exciting, considering it's only this past year that we finally got all flat screen monitors for every station (and all optical mice for every station). Hey, we're a non-profit, so don't be too surprised by this! I'm amazed we're able to have dual monitors for so many of us this year.

Marilyn had a meeting at City Hall today -- it ran an hour and a half (!!!).

Next week is all of our alumni stuff for Roosevelt High School. I doubt I'll be able to get the website done before then. (big sigh)

Levi came by with his cabinet maker Jim this morning first thing (at 8:00). It was exciting to discuss potential changes to our kitchen, but shocking to hear how EXPENSIVE (!!!) it's going to be. We still want to get some new furniture for the living room and make a few changes to my bathroom, so...

And yesterday Sue and Marilyn had a phone meeting (with Chris from the insurance company) about our insurance claim for the flooding this past June. I think this whole thing should be resolved pretty soon...

I spoke briefly with friend Shari on the phone today. I still need to try and see her one of these days...

Well, I guess that does it for today. It's actually RAINING out right now (!!!) -- today has been totally an autumn day. Fall seems to be HERE, that's for sure...

Yes, I'll be working at least half a day in the office tomorrow, too. Busy, busy!

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