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U.S. Open Tennis and Mexican Dinner!

Marilyn and I were up early enough to get breakfast from McDonald's (which we both love).

Then today was all about the U.S. Open. I was disappointed when Roger Federer lost, I have to admit. But there was some good tennis to see. And I had a 'bet' (we bet 50 cents) on with Sue that Serena Williams would win without dropping a set, so I won that one! (smile)

Anyway, we spent hours watching tennis. And sister Sue came over before the Nadal match and watched the whole thing with us.

Then the three of us went out for Mexican food dinner, which was nice!

Now Sue's gone home and Marilyn is playing Medieval Sims, while I blog. Henry just rope-a-doped (drug his rope to the hallway outside the office), so I had to give him a bunch of special love. He's sleeping in his chair beside me.

I don't know where Colin is right now. He hid when Sue came over, but did finally come out to see her. He's still so frightened from all the activity he had to put up with this summer -- he doesn't like it when anyone else comes in the house... Poor baby.

I did color the roots of my hair today, which doesn't take very long, happily. I still haven't gotten a hair cut, but that's okay. I whacked off my bangs earlier this week, so I can make do for now...

I've been dozing a bit on and off since dinner. The beer I had did me in, I think. (smile) And I'm also watching the original "True Grit," a fave movie. No, I still haven't seen the remake...

I played a little bit of The Sims, but it wasn't holding my attention. And I've been reading my Kindle a little, too. Pretty much a lazy evening.

I'm trying to help Marilyn figure out aspects of her game, but it's difficult. Using Google doesn't always seem to help and we don't have any kind of manual... I always used the books with my Sims games in the past. In fact, I don't know how I'd have played them without those books...

Anyway, that's it for today!

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