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Busy Day -- House Stuff...

Marilyn and I bought a new unit for the laundry room -- a big cabinet to use for laundry supplies and bath linens. It came in a huge box that just fit in the car to get it home (and that I was just barely able to lift).

It was almost funny what it took to get it in the house. I took it from the back of the car OUTSIDE the garage and around to the front porch, then in through the front door, through the kitchen and down to the laundry room. (whew)

I decided to put it together today, and Marilyn ended up having to help me as it was more complicated than expected (!!!). Unfortunately I was missing a part, so I'll need to phone and order the replacement before we can finish it. But we came pretty close to getting it done, anyway.

In order to put it where I wanted it in the laundry room, I had to move a LOT of other furniture and things (tons of heavy hardback books) around, in the downstairs and upstairs, too. I've never finished rearranging the laundry room, and here's why: I need to work in all the rooms upstairs, and until recently Marilyn and I were doing a ton downstairs, too. The room that doesn't really 'show' like others do (even for us), so it went to the bottom of my list of things to tackle.

Still, when we've gone shopping, I knew I wanted something back there for the storage I just described, but I wasn't quite sure WHAT that would be. This seems perfect, though it's hard to know until we get it done. (I hope it doesn't take too long to get the missing part delivered.)
The amazing thing is that it was exactly the right height and width for the spot I had, which is under one of the heating/cooling vents, so a bit lower than a standard ceiling.

As you all probably know, when cleaning up one thing, you often have to mess up other things. (sigh) And part of the mess went into the family room, which we're keeping pretty nice these days! So neither Marilyn nor I were going to leave it that way. We had to take the stack of books upstairs (it was huge and heavy) to put in the bookcases in the corner of the livingroom. And on and on.

Here's the FUNNY thing that happened! I had the great big box the unit came in. So I made 'free' signs and taped them to the outside. Then I drug it to the side boulevard and left it there. I carried out all the parts to the piece of exercise equipment we bought but never assembled and dumped it in the box. Marilyn and I took out four of our old (inexpensive) lamps and laid them beside the box. Then we headed back in to get four more lamps. By the time we came back out (it was under 10 minutes) EVERY SINGLE THING was gone!!! We saw it as we were approaching and we were both laughing so hard we almost fell down!

So we left the lamps there, and I went back in to get another piece of exercise equipment that Marilyn had decided to get rid of. Again I go to carry it out there and AGAIN all four of the lamps are GONE! No kidding!

So this time I actually went into my bedroom and peeked out to see what would happen. I barely had time to look out the window before a car pulled up and a man and his son climbed out to look at what I'd left. I could see they didn't know how to use it, so they were wondering if it working or not. So I went outside and showed them and they packed it up and took it away.

I can't believe how well the 'free' box worked! Marilyn and I kept making jokes about it and laughing about -- and of course we had to tell sister Sue all about it. (grin) Nice that in our neighborhood nobody minds it being out there -- and lots of people are looking for bargains! (smile)

Maybe that doesn't seem funny to anyone else, but we were dying laughing -- and it makes me smile just to type it. (huge grin)

We did a bunch of other house-oriented tasks today -- and we were both exhausted by the time we got done. Plus neither one of us had eaten all day long and it was now evening. So I cooked tomatoes (green and red) and zucchini and white rice and we had a nice dinner that we'd really earned.

Now Marilyn is playing Medieval Sims beside me and I'm blogging -- and looking for hints for her quests from time to time. Have I mentioned lately how much I love the internet? (smile)

I still have work to do in the laundry room, but it's much improved just from what we got done today. That unit is perfect -- like it was made for the room. It's environ-friendly, 50% made from recycled elements, which is also cool. It should hold everything perfectly, or so we both hope.

It wasn't what I'd originally been thinking of, but it's actually much better! We found it by accident -- and what a happy accident!

I just lost a bunch of this entry because I was looking for hints online and one of the sites froze up my entire computer (!!!). Wow, what a pain... (big sigh)

Guess what? I now have more than 900 Friends at Facebook -- do you believe it? I've never had all that many Friends here at LiveJournal, interestingly enough. (I currently have 180.) I'm not really sure why that is... But obviously that's not an issue for me with either Facebook or Twitter... Hmm...

Well, I guess that's all for today. Losing stuff made me wary of writing more. I should download photos and so -- maybe I'll get to that soon. (smile)

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