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Shopping, Reading, Putting Together Lamps...

Marilyn and I got lamps at both Lowe's and Home Depot. We put together three new ones today which all ended up in the family room. (No photos yet -- sorry!) The one near my new chair (back in the corner) is Tiffany style with green leaves -- and I love it!

One is a Japanese style and the third is a shorter brass lamp that we put near the Centennial blanket. All three are fabulous and really add to the warmth of the room.

Aside from shopping, we spent time online, playing computer games, watching TV and putting the lamps together.

I also finished my book on Kindle, "Saints Behaving Badly: The Cutthroats, Crooks, Trollops, Con Men, and Devil-Worshippers Who Became Saints," by Thomas J. Craughwell -- which I highly recommend (even if you're not into hagiography -- the study of saints). Craughwell did a good job with the research, but more importantly he gives us a good read -- the book is quite entertaining. He reminds us that saints aren't born -- they're made. And some remarkable saints were once very bad people!

I'm so impressed that I'm probably going to read his other book, as well... I can't believe how quickly I read the entire book!

I've been reading a lot recently, which I love. And I've been reading both physical books and my Kindle (though probably more Kindle than not). The physical books have been split between both hardback and paperback, by the way...

The weather here remains HOT. We're having our summer late this year, for sure.

The situation with wildfires in Oregon and Washington is SERIOUS. And it's giving both Marilyn and me FITS, as sensitive as we both are with allergies and respiratory concerns (especially Marilyn). The air quality here is BAD -- and it's hard to avoid the problem. (We have to breathe, after all... smile...)

We feel terrible about the fires, which are burning all over the state (and in Washington) -- some of the places are areas we both love... It's little wonder with how dry and hot it is here.

Sister Sue saw the nurse today to have her incision checked. It was a painful visit, but the news is good -- she's healing nicely and isn't infected. She's going to get her hair done in the morning and was able to go to cribbage (the club she runs) tonight! Thanks again for the kind thoughts (and prayers). I think it really DOES make a difference.

And that's it for Thursday. I think we'll head to bed soon...

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