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Hot Summer Day!

Today was a hot day -- the high was 93°. It's odd that we didn't have these really hot days in August, but now we're having them -- in September!

We ran some errands and then later shopped for a bit at Lowe's (mostly we just looked at kitchen displays and appliances -- so cool).

Now Marilyn is playing The Sims Medieval (a Sims 3 game). She originally bought it for me to play, but it's not the way I like to play Sims -- I prefer a less goal-oriented Sims game, to be honest. It's frustrating to learn HOW to use the game, but hopefully she'll work past that and get to really like it...

I've been back to playing The Sims (the original game -- or sometimes called Sims 1) again recently. I know it's not as 'fancy' as the later versions (Sims 2 and Sims 3), but I have all of the expansion packs and tons and tons of downloaded items -- and I really enjoy it! Plus I even created my own skins (well, heads, anyway) -- that look like people I'm interested in. So I still like it. Of course, I just don't have the same amount of FREE time to play it that I used to have (back when I played it for hours and hours). But it's still FUN, even so...

The U.S. Open tennis has been rained out -- what a mess! It means players have ridiculous schedules now as they advance...

I need to be finishing up the garbage and recycling, which I've barely started, by the way...

YESTERDAY (Tuesday), Marilyn and I finally went and got our pedicures and manicures. It had been ages, so we really needed them. (I never quite got around to posting yesterday, for whatever reason...)

Yesterday was my friend and neighbor June's birthday. (Her mother's bday is on the 3rd, by Dorothy is deceased now...)

Sister Sue continues to do well, I'm happy to report. Thanks, again, for all your kind thoughts (and prayers). (Sue offered everyone her thanks HERE, by the way! I meant to link that before and forgot...)

Well, I'm off -- either to get my work done or to play! (smile)

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