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Fun and Busy Vacation Day...

Marilyn and I had a great day -- fun and busy.

We did stop by the office long enough to drop off the case of wine sister Sue is donating to the Auction -- and so I could do the Backup.

Then we stopped to pick more green tomatoes on Sauvie Island (at Kruger's Farm), as our greenies had all ripened (and/or rotted). Not that we didn't enjoy eating the fried reds, because we certainly did!

We also drove down to feed the geese, which was a blast -- we haven't done it in ages!
We did shopping (at three stores) that we needed to get done. And got berries from the 'blackberry man' who was selling near WalMart. And we stopped to get Starbucks with my cool 'geese card' that Marilyn bought me. (smile)

We're planning to watch a movie on cable that's released as of midnight, so we both need a nap before then -- so guess where I'm headed? Enough said!I lost this post once already, so I'm quitting before I do that again...

Tags: 2011, auction, backup, busy, food, fun, movie, office, sauvie-island, september-2011, sister-sue, starbucks, walmart, work

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