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Catching Up -- Friday and Saturday...

Well, I'm posting inside a tiny box again, thanks, LiveJournal. (sigh)

So this will be short, because it's such a bear to enter an entry this way...

Yesterday sister Sue got home from the hospital. She's doing quite well.

Marilyn and I took Henry in for a blood draw so we could get his prescription refilled (it was out). We've needed to do that for a bit now, but as we explained to the vet's office, we've had a few other things going on recently... (!!!)

Anyway, we got the results today and it was fine. And we got his pills, so that's good.

The unfortunate news was that he's lost weight (more than seven ounces), which is bad. He seems to be eating and drinking okay, but he needs to do more of both, apparently...

We do our best with both boys -- we love our cats very much! And trips to the vet are far from inexpensive. (sigh)

Marilyn and I have both been feeling unwell today -- which is clearly due to the current issue with smoke from a local forest fire. We thought we might be fighting a bug, but after listening to the news we realized the problem!

Now we've just heard we're going to have weather in the high 90's the end of next week! Wow. Summer is NOT over, people! (grin)

Marilyn and I were just talking about how we love these 'end of summer' days. And while friends are mentioning autumn at Facebook, I'm not ready to go there quite yet...

Still, I could do without high 90's, thanks! (smile)

Marilyn and I order pizza from Domino's tonight. We like to say, "It's like a party" when we do something like this! Just spur of the moment and random. I think it might have been better with an adult beverage, but we skipped it, knowing we both want to take meds for our congestion and headaches...

Well, this is too ridiculous to deal with, so I'll close for today. I wonder when LJ will be FIXED again? This is really weird and annoying...

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