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Marilyn and I Take a Trip to Seaside with Sister Sue

Marilyn was in the mood for some Fascination (smile), so we got sister Sue to come over and we headed to Seaside (Oregon).

When we got to Astoria, the traffic on the bridge was entirely tied up (!!!), so we detoured and used the other (less well known) bridge. Sue had never been across it before, so she found that interesting and different...

On the way to Seaside we decided to stop at Bell Buoy (we've been going there forever and a day) to have seafood cocktails.

How about a small photo share? (smile)

Bell Buoy sign - Seaside, Oregon
The famous Bell Buoy sign

outside Bell Buoy in Seaside - Aug 30 2011
The weather there was lovely! Warm and blue skies.
We sat outside the restaurant to eat in the sunshine.

Marilyn outside Bell Buoy in Seaside - Aug 30 2011

Charlie outside Bell Buoy in Seaside - Aug 30 2011

Sue outside Bell Buoy in Seaside - Aug 30 2011
Sister Sue

Seaside sign in Seaside, Oregon
Off to play Fascination in Seaside!

food processor won at Fascination
Charlie 'buys' a food processor...

food processor won at Fascination
...using 22 Fascination tickets!

After eating our seafood we headed directly to play Fascination -- which is why we went down to the beach today. Marilyn was ON FIRE! She won more than 40 tickets (!!!), two Coveralls, several games in a row, got the travel light and then won two regular games where she won TWO WAYS at once! Incredible!

But we were ALL playing well today, which almost never happens! Sue and I each had more than 20 tickets before we finally quit playing.

As you can see from the photos above, I actually got a small food processor, which looks really cute! I can't wait to give it a try. And Sue got the brownie pan (!!!).

We were playing the 'whale game' for around half an hour -- which means that the only ones playing were the three of us, so obviously ONE of us was going to win each and every game! (grin) I suppose I should explain why we call it the whale game, but I'll let that go for now...

After playing, we walked down to Shilo Inn and Marilyn and I each had a drink. Sue had stopped to eat an elephant ear, then she walked down and joined us (after stopping for some candy). I went out to get some Sea Foam (candy), which I love. I almost never have it and usually only get it at the beach.

Then Marilyn and I got 'Root Beer Float' ice cream (and shared it with Sue), before heading back home again.

As I mentioned earlier, the WEATHER was amazingly lovely -- warm, with blue skies! Especially nice for Oregon coast beach weather -- and cool because the weather at home wasn't all that great today. We had our jackets along, but didn't need to put them on until evening.

This was a chance for the three of us to talk and laugh and share -- and we really made the most of it! Perfect for vacation -- and as Sue prepares for her upcoming surgery this Thursday.

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