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Vacation Has Started

We got up in time to go to McDonald's for breakfast, something both Marilyn and I think is fun. We got sausage biscuits and coffee, then did some errands, including going to WalMart. I got birdseed for my hungry crows and some new shorts (woo hoo) that Marilyn picked out for me. I love every single pair!

Much of the day was lazy for me, reading and napping and watching TV. I didn't really do any cleaning around here (for a change).

We thought about going to Sauvie Island with sister Sue, but it didn't end up happening. Maybe tomorrow.

We talked about going to the show, but not today. We still want to see "Fright Night," which we talked about going to with our friend Mitch. And Marilyn suggested asking Mark to go to a movie with us sometime, which I think would really be nice! He's dealing with a lot of really awful health issues -- and he's such a nice guy. It would be sweet to do something with him...

Shari phoned to say she was just diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. Marilyn immediately looked it up online, of course (she always does research on things like this). We've known for years that Shari probably had some sort of social disorder, but it's interesting that someone finally checked for it and figured out what it is.

I spoke with her late today and she was actually checked out for this two weeks ago (at the suggestion of Bob her brother and Jan her sister-in-law). She got the letter about it yesterday. Interestingly, I'd been thinking about Shari a ton yesterday!

The good side of this is that Shari might be entitled to some social services and/or financial assistance because of this discovery. She's probably had this condition her entire life (I believe that's true), but nobody apparently knew. I asked her if she thought her parents were aware, but she's convinced they weren't. It might be the sort of thing her parents knew but kept from her, but as they're both dead, it's clear we'll never know for sure...

Shari graduated from college in the top 20% of her class, by the way -- but she's never held a job in her life... (Marilyn and I have been friends with her since college.)

As for other matters, I'm continuing to learn about WordPress, which is interesting. I've wanted to start learning WordPress for years, but have never seemed to find the time. I'm using it for the PSSCA blog that I mentioned, so maybe I'll get more familiar and comfortable with it.

As far as blogging goes, the WordPress themes aren't like the ones here at LiveJournal. Here at LJ, you can really customize even a free blog -- but that's NOT the case with a WordPress blog! If you want to use any CSS, for example, you have to have a paid account (at $30 a year, mind you). Otherwise you can't even change the FONTS you're using.

Score another bunch of points for LiveJournal (which I still prefer to use).

But I'd actually like to understand WordPress for use with websites, and not for blogging. I'm just using the blogging as a means to wrapping my head around it...

You know me, I always like to be learning something new!

That's funny, because in a recent meeting it was suggested I 'could learn' something new -- and Marilyn made that remark in response. I do try and learn new things, but there IS a limit, after all. Nobody can expect to learn EVERYTHING. If we don't pick some things over others, we just can't learn anything really well...

I did something sort of stupid last night, by the way. I was trying to order a book from Amazon.Com for my Kindle. I'd found the book, but when I clicked the Kindle link, it took me to the book in SPANISH -- I didn't realize, so I purchased it! Considering I'd been looking at the physical book in ENGLISH, I consider this an Amazon error. It didn't even occur to me that I might get a foreign language version! Anyway, they've cleared up the error, so I'll get a refund.

They apparently don't have this exact book for Kindle in English, so I ordered a different one, instead. (It's a collection of Blessed John Paul II prayers.) Anyway, in the future, I'll be more careful when going from book to Kindle download, believe me!

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