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More Cleaning and Some Working Out!

Not long ago Marilyn and I got the Malibu Pilates machine for a really good price via HSN -- the machine that Susan Lucci does. I managed to put the entire thing together by myself (!!!) one day, and we're keeping it right beside our treadmill in the family room.

Anyway, I did a workout with it (not for the first time) today, and I can feel it all over my body! I did some of the moves from the chart, but mostly I just made it up as I went along. I've done weight machines many times (we've belonged to more than one gym in the past), so I'm pretty familiar with exercise equipment. This is quite a machine, I have to say. Plus it's convenient, because it's not all that large, so it's easy to have around and to work with.

I also did 25 minutes on the treadmill, much of it while talking on the phone with Marilyn as she drove home. She just got home past 8:30 p.m. after a very long day at the office (yet again). She got right into her exercise clothes and on the treadmill so she can get it done before having her dinner and wanting to (finally) relax. She's quite an inspiration when it comes to working out!

I also did more cleaning today, working a bit in the living room and other places. I got the two boxes of hardback books into the bookcases upstairs that I moved into place yesterday. There's room for more books, so I'll probably move a lot out of the laundry room where they're currently in bookcases back there -- but not very accessible. Eventually we hope to get wooden bookcases for the living room and put them in the same corner where I have these other small metal ones...

My sweet cat Henry is sitting in my lap purring like mad as I type this. What a good boy he is! He sat on the back of the chair that's next to the treadmill while I was working out and has been following me around all day 'helping' me with my chores.

Last night after I had mizithra spaghetti for dinner, he licked the bowl! I was surprised he wanted that, but I suppose he was after the butter and cheese. Considering he's never fat enough, he can use all the butter he can get. (grin)

Today sister Sue and I went to lunch at our fave Mexican food restaurant -- which means Marilyn and I are having Mexican for dinner tonight, as well. It also means we don't have to cook in this heat, which is a very good thing!

Sue took me to the Goodwill with another small load. I'd like to be taking a box or two every few days, there's so much in our house. I know the average person wouldn't necessarily think that to look around here, but I want more out of my closets, cupboards and drawers. We've been doing okay in the kitchen in spite of that large missing (!!!) cabinet, though I do have a box of stuff stashed in a corner of the living room out of necessity. We never seem to have enough storage, that's for sure!

What else did I do today? I spent some time working on the computer (there's a lot more to do). And I fed my beloved crows several times. I had a huge gang of them hanging around from early this morning until dark! What a nice surprise. And talking up a storm to me whenever I went outside.

I also did some festival stuff, of course. I've got some IT stuff I'm dealing with and so on, no big deal, really. I may be moving an employee from one spot to another soon. We recently moved three people at the end of July, so this should be the last of it until we get the seasonal Staff people on next year...

One more day until Marilyn and I are on vacation! We don't have any major plans, aside from watching a ton of U.S. Open Tennis, which starts next Monday (August 29) and runs through September 11. That's the two weeks of our vacation, too -- surprise! Obviously this is no surprise, as we take these two weeks every year for this exact reason. (smile)

We'll probably take some day trips to various fun places -- and maybe even do an overnight stay or two (???), as well. But we don't need to 'go away' to have a successful vacation, as we love our home and having free time. We ditched the idea of a trip to Las Vegas this year, deciding that we really couldn't afford it after all the house-related costs. And though friends had wanted us to go on the two-week trip to Hawaii (with our Rosarian friends), we felt the same about that. Sure, it would be nice to go to Vegas (we haven't been recently). And we haven't been to Hawaii in decades. But, again, vacation isn't about taking a trip for us -- it's about having time to relax and enjoy life!

Well, I suspect Marilyn is close to finishing up on the treadmill (it's now almost 9:30), so I think I'll head over to the kitchen. I already got the food set out, so we should be eating soon!

I forgot to mention, I took a short nap early this evening. I was on my bed with just a sheet pulled over me (in my clothes), and Henry jumped up and got 'in the tent' with me -- so cute! Our cats LOVE tents, which we usually have all over the house on sofas and sometimes on chairs. (smile) Then Colin jumped up and curled up near my feet, so both boys took a nice nap with me. (My current medicine seems to knock me out for at least an hour every day, but I guess that's okay. I still got plenty done, even with the nap...)

I wonder WHEN I'll finally share some photos -- and talk about Mitch's bday? Bad, bad Charlie! Hahahahahahaha.

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