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Busy Day -- Vent Cleaning and Computer Fix...

Marilyn went with sister Sue to see the doctor today. Sue's surgery is set up for next week to get her pacemaker -- and that should be a big help with her condition. (fingers crossed)

I started my day preparing for Curt and Andrew (his young college student assistant) to come and do the vents. Curt (of Carlson Power-Vac) has done our vents before, back in 2006. He's a wonderful guy and does an amazing job -- and I'd recommend him to anyone local who needs this same service. Andrew actually attends school in Kansas (he has two more years to go), and is studying Business Administration -- and learning to code websites. You can probably imagine that we talked websites quite a bit. (smile)

Donn was already here when they arrived and we visited as well as him working on my computer.

Later Brian (from Deluxe Fuel) came by to change my furnace filter (a fancy one that you can't just get at the store), so as you can tell, I had a house full of men today!

Poor cats! They had to be locked up in my bedroom for hours while everything was going on -- and it was quite noisy. Plus they were all over the house (with the exception of my bedroom). I did get my room all picked up and cleaned, thinking I'd let them do that vent, too. But there had to be someplace for the kitties, so... (Curt did it from downstairs, so no worries.)

I have to tell you, the air conditioning was immediately working better after they got done! It's incredible how much harder it was blowing cold air today. We'll need to test whether or not it makes a difference to our allergies (and Marilyn's asthma), but hopefully things will be good now!

Aside from all this, I also moved around some furniture in the living room (and one piece in the kitchen, too). I got rid of several things that used to belong to Mom, too -- and I'm continuing to do that in spite of the sentimental attachment. At moments I feel ready to just toss out a ton of things, which is quite a change (and surprise) after all these years. About time, I suppose! From now on, if I bring something new in, I'll let something else go and balance our world. (grin)

And I took care of the garbage and recycling at a reasonable hour (for a change). So that's done and I don't have to worry about it later...

I'm watching "Frasier" (Someone To Watch Over Me from Season Two) as I type this. I still love that show and watch it nearly every day.

I had homemade Spaghetti with Browned Butter and Mizithra Cheese for dinner. Marilyn went out after work for a drink (which also turned into dinner) with Desiree (she of Desiree's Mother's chair -- a friend and someone we also work with on certain events). I should share photos and the recipe at some point in time...

I also had a small drink, and now I'm feeling really warm and happy. (grin)

Anyway, I'm ready for a nap now. This was a busy and LONG day, so it's little wonder I can barely keep my eyes open.

I still need to post about Mitch's birthday celebration and share photos. Maybe tomorrow...

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