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Busy Day. Hair, Cleaning, And at the Office...

I just traded out the keyboards on both Marilyn's computer and my own. I hated (!!!) the touch of the Lenovo keyboards I was trying out -- and I'm very much all about the way a keyboard works. Changing them is a huge hassle, as we're crammed in for our office space, but that's okay. I'm just glad to have it fixed. Donn's coming by (yes, again) to fix my latest issue tomorrow. So I needed this done before that.

I also spent ages trying to reason out why I couldn't get the bcc: to display in Marilyn's Outlook. I mean COME ON! I set this up CONSTANTLY at the office, for the record -- every single time I set up a new profile for a new user. So it was ridiculous for me to have any problem.

I'm sitting at my laptop in the family room to type this, even though I was just upstairs messing with our towers. Marilyn has our big screen TV on watching tennis, and the cats are hanging around playing and whatever. We're so in love with the new TV that it's hard to watch the 'normal' ones upstairs. (smile)

We're having 80 degree weather here in Portland currently, by the way. We're supposed to hit 90 again this week, which is only the third time this year. Normally we have around 13 days in summer...

I did more work in my bedroom and bathroom this morning, then colored my hair, which really needed it. Speaking of that, I used a new product for the first time: No Gray, an additive that seems to help any hair color work better. I was impressed by it, I have to tell you!

After taking sister Sue to the doctor, Marilyn came home to get me and take me to the office.

On the BAD NEWS side, it appears Sue is back in atrial fibrillation (a-fib). Apparently from what Marilyn says (after much investigation), this is quite common -- but it's still disappointing news, to say the least. The goal now is to get her a pacemaker, which should resolve things. She has another appointment tomorrow and Marilyn will be going along again. So we're very hopeful. But, again, good thoughts and prayers are appreciated...

My afternoon at the festival office was about the IT budget, website budget, contacting both Kris and Donn about IT work for the office and more.

Marilyn and I had a meeting with Mike about the Roosevelt HS Alumni Association -- Communications and the website. I need to get going on that now...

Marilyn also found a problem at the PSSCA website, which is now thankfully resolved. It came out of originally setting up the new site at the old one, and coding it accordingly. That frequently happens, that I'm doing all the linking/navigation at a site that's NOT the real one, so it's easy to screw up and miss the 'fake' URLs when setting up the REAL ones...

A good reminder as I prepare to set up yet another 'fake' website to display before doing the real one. (smile)

So, tomorrow should be crazy! I'll have Curt (power-vac) here, the furnace guy (don't know whom) here and Donn here. Plus I have work of my own to do. When I said crazy, I meant it!

Marilyn and I are watching HGTV for a change. (heh) She remarked on the fact that we'd never seen the channel in our lives until recently, and now it's the main thing we watch. We just love it...

Well, I have a few more things to do before bed. And I need to be up early, so we should head to bed soon. I'm sitting here yawning (hard) while I type, so...

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