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Dual Monitors? I'm in LOVE!

I got my dual monitors here at home this morning (from Donn).

Yes, I'm TOTALLY in LOVE with them!!!

Again, they need the UltraMon utility to make them 'perfect' (well worth the $$$), but nothin' is free, after all. (Don't ask about how much has gone into these computers now, because I'm not saying. Whatever, it's only money. Sure!)

The monitors we already had, anyway, so that wasn't part of the expense, happily. So let me give you an example of how cool this is. On my left monitor I have Outlook open -- meaning I can easily check my email. On my right, I have Firefox open and am typing this blog entry. So I've got both Outlook and Firefox maximized AT THE SAME TIME. How awesome is that???

If I needed to compare two documents, I could easily have one open on one monitor, and the second on the other one, side-by-side. Much easier than trying to view first one then the other on the same monitor, right? Right!

This didn't take Donn more than a few minutes, by the way. I guess I'm surprised more people don't have dual monitors. Monitors have happily gone down in price, so it only takes the special cable to make it all work. Well, and somebody who knows how to set it up. But Kris has tried several times to show me how, so it's probably not that difficult...

My power-vac guy (Curt) was here this morning, too, by the way. He came half an hour (!!!) early, so I wasn't ready for him. (sigh) But he's a great guy, don't get me wrong! We used him (his company) back in 2006 -- and it's amazing how much he (and his assistant) could remember about the house and that job!

He took photos of the furnace, etc. and wrote up an estimate that clearly states the mess is a result of construction dust. He's going to send me the photos later via email so I can use a scan of the paperwork and photos to try and get insurance to pay for the cost. (He thinks they should -- we'll see how it goes on sister Sue's end!)

They're doing the actual work next Wednesday...

Sister Sue fainted after getting out of the shower this morning (!!!), so it had both Marilyn and me worried. She's now got TWO doctor appointments next week -- one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. (Continued good thoughts and/or prayers for Sue are much appreciated...)

Sue was trying to get ready to go to the hospital to see her friend Patsy who had surgery this week and isn't doing very well. She had to skip going (considering), but as I told her, Patsy is in a hospital and under constant care -- she needs to worry about herself right now.

Still, good thoughts and/or prayers for Patsy are appreciated, too.

Finally, there was much drama yesterday about Chubby -- who is Sue's cat. Well, the family cat for Sue, Candy and Nicole. He went missing and was hiding under the house all day -- Nicole was Facebooking about him being 'in heaven' so she had Marilyn and me going for ages! (Teenagers.) It sounds to me like he got in a fight and got really scared. Happily he doesn't appear to be either injured or sick, so hopefully that drama is over for now...

I have a lot of picking up and cleaning to do before next week. I wish I felt totally better now! Oh well -- I'll get done what needs doing. I always do...

Tomorrow is Mitch's bday, so I think we might do something with him. I don't know yet.

And my crows are feasting on goodies I put out for them (along with fresh water). Love those sweet birds!

Anyway, that's it for now!

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