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Somewhat Stressful Day, Computer-wise...

Okay, it wasn't horrible. But it was far from easy...

Donn came over around 11:30-ish (something close) to work on Marilyn's computer. While he was here, sister Sue phoned and we decided to go shopping at Freddie's (I needed kitty litter for tomorrow) and have lunch together in their deli, as we often do.

Donn had a doctor's appointment, so he left before we got back. He worked on making my network more useful, thankfully, as I'd been pretty frustrated with it.

I came home and switched out the mice (he had the WRONG one hooked up to Marilyn's new computer), switched out the keyboard (same deal) and hooked her USB hub to the correct computer (he had it on the new one, rather than the old one -- she has a different hub for the new computer).

Then I started playing around with her dual monitors and got quite a shock -- the desktop was stretched ACROSS both monitors (!!!). Seriously. That's NOT how it's supposed to work! She should be able to click and drag items from one monitor to the other. I admit I'm no expert, having never had dual monitors myself, but I have watched Marilyn and Rosanna using theirs...

So I start in playing with settings and am going NUTS. I'm texting Donn constantly and I'm sure he's hating it. (At one point when we spoke later he accused me of sending him a 'mean' text, but really, I just told him I was frustrated! I didn't get nasty or anything...)

Then I test the speakers and they're NOT working. Really??? Until Donn and I talk I never think to check the systray and see if they're muted (they were). What a major waste of time that situation was. (sigh)

Anyway, at long last I get the dual monitors working (somewhat), the correct keyboard and mouse in place and the sound on -- part of it with some phone advice from Donn. (woo hoo) I test things by playing Zuma and find it's all working pretty nicely!

As for the rest of my day, I got the two pages done for the festival website that I needed to finish before tomorrow (Wednesday). I need to add a new photo slideshow to one, but I can do that first thing in the morning. I'm back to coding and it's like falling off a log, even though I've barely done any in ages (except for minor coding here at LJ).

I went through the many buckets (etc.) of broken dishes and cleaned out any mixed in garbage, before moving it all into a clean paper bag inside a sturdy box. Our friend Sue had said she wanted the pieces, so we figured she was going to use it for some kind of craft project. I spent quite awhile on it, but as ants were in one bucket (!!!), I was glad I tackled it. It wasn't that big (or nasty) a job, but I did it in the garage, so I ended up hot and sweaty.

Later in the day I found the rugs for Laura and Logan and checked them over. I swept them and rolled them and got them ready to be picked up. They all need cleaning (Laura and Logan have a carpet cleaner, I guess), and one of the nice ones had disappeared (probably tossed by accident), but they came by around 9:00 and were glad to get all of them (even the somewhat worn one).

Poor Marilyn was both tired and hungry when she finally got home tonight. I finally got out cut up lunch meat and cheese and we ate that with saltine crackers for dinner (with fresh tomato and sliced hot peppers). It's actually a favorite meal for both of us.

I did manage to wash my hair before Laura and Logan came by. It was fun getting to show them the downstairs!

They had been house-hunting -- and may have found a place to make an offer on. I hope it works out for them! And I hope they like their home as much as we do our own. (I'm keeping them in my prayers...)

Sue's friend has surgery tomorrow. I pray it will go well. (They say it could take eight hours.) And Marilyn's friend (and hair dresser) had her procedure today. I pray it went well, too...

I guess that's it for today. I'm tired now and ready for bed! I think Donn will be back tomorrow for more computer stuff (sigh) -- and I need to go to the doctor for a urine sample. I hope this condition is cleared up now!!!

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