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RP Fanfic Slammers -- Unite?

My God, people are at it yet again! I get so damned tired of the constant, on-going crap!

Okay, please feel free to tell me not to read a bunch of self-important fandom entries in the future. I could certainly save myself some amount of annoyance and grief. (grin) And save you from reading my drivel...

I'd certainly think in the fandom world-at-large that involves fanfic as a major element that the fen could find some way to be more TOLERANT toward one another. (But this has been my personal on-going litany for several decades. Clearly I never learn!)

If you don't care for RP fanfic, don't read. I've yet to see a military force with batons or guns that's herding people to computers (or zines) and forcing them to read any given type of fic. Have you?

It's FICTION, people! I suspect that at least 90% of those who write RP fanfic are entirely aware there's nothing between those celebrities they're pairing off. (And if the other 10% believe, what's the harm, anyway?)

I'm stunned that the so-called 'mainstream' of fandom is so clueless about the enormous quantity of RP fic being written, by the way. I'm appalled that certain individuals seem to feel it's fine to make judgements about RP fandom -- and fanfic -- without having had more than a cursory exposure to it.

Of course, I was there once! In that same mind set. Yes, it was several years back. Even though I'd been writing RP fic for decades, I'd never shared it beyond a handful of carefully selected people. There was a time when I didn't believe it should be shared publically.

I recall Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I used have long discussions where we predicted 'doom and gloom' for all slash fandom, based on RPS. We'd declare: "This will be the death of slash."


Hell, I was probably as anti-RP as anyone for several months.

But then I actually read some of the fanfic in question! Fic that was extremely well-written and engaging. Time passed and we 'met' numerous RP fanfic authors -- and found them to be both intelligent and friendly. It was then only a matter of time before we help purchase a domain/website where one friend could host RP work...

If you haven't read the work, don't start slamming. Yes, I've heard the arguments in opposition to RP fic. Numerous times -- often in near-rant fashion. The 'invasion of privacy' one is constantly tossed around. It makes me laugh, frankly. There are too many instances where various actors have made it clear they're aware of RP fic to make that stick. (How could they not be? Just go and google any celeb name, adding the words 'fic' or 'fanfic' behind them. There's a ton of it out there.) Celebrities tend to look the other way about RP fic. And why not? It seems to be another way for fans to show love for them -- and fan appreciation equals a paycheck for most celebs...

Yes, it took years before I was directly involved in publically sharing RP fanfic. Not because I continued being one of the 'RP slammers' for very long, though! More because I didn't know what repercussions would ensue.

There are more cases of FP/C (fictional people/characters) fanfic authors being sued than those who pen RP work. (I could go into the legal reasons, but won't bother. Let's just say RP fic is actually safer to write and share than non-RP, believe it or not...)

By the way, no one person can possibly hope to be involved in every existing fandom. Further, it takes years of fandom involvement to even begin to get an idea of all the 'pairing up' that's being done -- in both slash (femslash) and het fandoms. (I'm speaking from experience here, by the way. More than four decades of involvement in fandom does give me an advantage, frankly.) In other words, there are thousands and thousands of sites, lists, etc. that are dedicated to RP fic. Want to come after me? I'll be glad to bring my attorney in -- and happily start pointing out the myriad of others involved in sharing the same thing! (grin)

I admit that poor -- or bad -- quality work is far more accessible than good -- or excellent -- quality work. That goes without saying, doesn't it? That's true for any type of writing -- not just fanfic. But if someone has yet to encounter really quality RP fanfic, they probably haven't tried very hard. There's a lot of really fine RP writing out there -- and it's fairly easy to find.

(No, I don't spend much time at shudder. Why do you ask? I've found very little in the way of quality work there compared to other places online. In fact, I find it amazing when people manage to find REC-worthy pieces there. But that's probably another entry topic!...)

Well, there's much more I could say, but I can't help thinking people actually prefer to miss the point! (grin)

Bottom line? If you're opposed to a form of fanfic -- for whatever hifalutin reason -- then simply avoid it.

And, no, I don't care to hear how RP fanfic shows 'a lack of respect' for the people being written about. How about we focus on the people complaining and their lack of respect for other fen who enjoy writing/reading/feedbacking RP fic -- and how they might stop being disrespectful? (Oh, sure! That could happen!)

Well, regardless, I'll suggest what I've been suggesting since the day I first got involved in organized fandom (yes, way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth):

Quit passing judgement on (a given) fandom -- and on the fen. Just move on, please!
Tolerance. We need it everywhere -- not just in fandom! But it's really hard to come by...

I'd like to tell people: "Get over yourself, please. I did it -- so why not you, too?" (smile) But there are far too many people who would rather dump on somebody else -- and what those people enjoy.

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