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Sunday? A New 'Disaster' (of sorts)...

I'm going to make this short and sweet... I didn't post on Saturday because we ended up having a pretty busy day. I think I'll do a 'show and tell' type entry. What do you think? (smile)


2011 Astoria parade day -- Marilyn

Above is Marilyn in Astoria (Oregon), where we've come on Saturday (arriving by 11:00 a.m.) for their parade, celebrating Astoria's 200th birthday! We wanted to be there an hour early if possible, so we'd have plenty of time to go into the formation area and see everyone and everything before parade time. Worked like a charm!

2011 Astoria parade day -- Sue and Dennis

You often hear me speak of our friend (and festival President) Sue -- and her husband Dennis, too. This is them, riding in the parade!

Marilyn and I stayed for most of the parade, leaving after we greeted (and were greeted by) Ronald McDonald. Yes, we DO know Ronald quite well (but that's another story)...

Perseids 2011 - full moon

Saturday night we decided to go to Stonehenge (in Maryhill, Washington) to see the Perseids (as we've done in the past). This year there were some other people there, so we felt perfectly safe (unlike last year). The photo shared here shows the full moon, which actually made everything so bright that we didn't even need flashlights to move around (!!!). But it was hard to see the meteors, I'm sorry to say. Still, it was LOVELY there, and both Marilyn and I really enjoyed the trip there and back -- and being there. It's so beautiful!

Perseids 2011 - Stonehenge in Maryhill, Washington

Here's Stonehenge, by the way...

We got home around 2:20 a.m. -- and came home to something of a kitchen 'disaster'...

Kitchen 'disaster' in August, 2011 - cabinet falls

Unfortunately, we were so focused on cleaning up the terrible mess that we didn't take any photos! But a cabinet had broken and come loose from the wall, spilling most of the contents on the counter and floor! In the above photo you can see the window over the sink. There should be cabinets on both sides -- the one on the right is now GONE.

Our poor cats must have been beside themselves. They seemed pretty upset (and were still upset today). Happily they weren't hurt.

We lost most of the contents, including vintage dishes, antique tea cups (that were Grandma Elsie's) loads of bowls, plates, mugs and glasses. We also lost the lids to my casserole dishes (big sigh) and various other items. Almost every coffee mug we actually used regularly were broken -- many that we've had for years.

There was sharp glass EVERYWHERE, even out into the entryway and hall! Some was jammed into weird places (like under the edge of the dishwasher. The cabinet was resting precariously on top of our coffee maker (!!!), with some contents still inside. Marilyn cut herself on the handle of a mug at one point, but that was the only person/animal casualty, thankfully.

As a team we got everything out without more breakage, sorted through the mess and had bucketfuls of broken items and a box full of stuff with nowhere to go (plus some items we stuck on the counter to be able to use). Then we dismantled the cabinet and got it down and stored (for now) in the garage.

We spent a couple hours cleaning up last night. Then I mopped the floor five times today, to be sure I got up every tiny shard of glass.

Ironically, if I hadn't been feeling poorly last week, I was going to tackle that very cabinet on either Thursday or Friday. Marilyn was concerned about me, so I promised her that I would rest, instead. Go figure.

But we're both over the loss. We've decided we're GLAD we weren't there when it happened (we can only imagine how AWFUL that would have been!!!) and that it's probably a sign from God that we need to continue to pare down what we own. Lord, we both have that message loud and clear, thanks very much! You can stop now -- we'll keep on working on it...

Yes, there's a lot of booze in the above photo. We have no room to store it, so there it sits. For the record, several of those bottles have been around for years. One from 2007. One from years and years before that. So no need to jump to the conclusion that we drink a lot -- far from it. (In fact, we're cheap dates -- usually splitting a beer between us...) It got some interesting comments at Facebook, so I thought I'd better mention it here from the get-go.

Our plan to see a movie with Mitch today? "Fright Night" doesn't open until NEXT Friday! So we blew that one off for now...

And that's it for both yesterday and today!

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