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Computer WOES... (sigh)

Okay, I know I'm going to be dealing with constant crap for the next couple of weeks, trying to get my computer back to 'normal' (whatever the hell that is). And maybe I'd be doing a better job if I felt closer to 100%. (sigh)

Anyway, just setting it back to 'Clear Type' did a world of good for me -- and being able to SEE what the hell I'm doing! I don't complain about my age, because frankly there's only one alternative to getting older -- and I'm not near ready for that. However, that said, the most difficult part of aging is VISION. I watch other friends in my same age group and we're all in the same boat -- we just want to be able to see what we're doing.

I recall Mom's issues with vision quite well, by the way. I wasn't always as patient as I could have been when she needed me to do something to help her because she couldn't see. I regret that now, because this is part of the human condition that everyone has to face (unless one dies young, I suppose).

Okay, I'm getting off track. I've found it hard to CONCENTRATE the last few days, which I've decided to blame on not feeling well, or the medicine I'm taking to clear up the problem. I have to tell you it's interesting how sensitive I am to antibiotics. I had reactions to the last dose I took (different variety for a different purpose), and now I'm having reactions to this one. On the plus side, I have absolutely no appetite -- could they find whatever causes that and put it on the market, please? (grin) Actually, I'm fairly convinced they could create a really effective appetite suppressant, but that it will never happen because the weight loss industry is so huge and so powerful... But now I'm rambling again!

Nobody wants to know how much money we've put into our computers to date, believe me. Or the man-hours that have been spent -- many of those mine. I've got yet another check here for Donn (sigh) and as I mentioned yesterday, Donn was here for hours. PLUS I've got tons to do myself, just changing settings and putting all the software back on... (big sigh)

Well, the last thing I should be doing is blogging, so it's back to it for me. But LiveJournal often helps my sanity, so I think this was a good break!

Donn isn't able to come here today, but he'll be back to finish up tomorrow. So we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, having my email back is MAJOR. That's certainly a start in the right direction!

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