CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Tough Day in Some Ways (My Computer is Back Home)

Well, my computer is back. The 'new' one, that is. All the nastiness is GONE. (woo hoo) So, by the way, is Windows 7 -- and I'm back to using Windows XP.

In some ways I'm going to miss Win7, to be honest. I still have it on my laptop, so it's not like I'll never be using it. But seriously, I could no longer deal with all the ISSUES (yeah, seven months later). I could make a list, but why bother?

I feel pretty much like crap. I was so nauseous this morning and lacking appetite that I didn't eat a thing until late afternoon (almost evening). All I did was drink a bottle of juice that sister Sue had bought me back when I was so sick and couldn't keep food down. At least that kept me from having low blood sugar.

Finally I went back and checked the possible side effects for my current meds. Sure enough, nausea and loss of appetite are on the list. Add a killer headache to that (which came mid-afternoon and is still threatening to come back) and you get an idea of how I'm feeling. Yeah, tired, too. Anyway, I'm not having mood changes (!!!), which is one of the many more serious side effects, I'm happy to report. (grin) My mood is still pretty damn good, considering how today went.

I spent the morning get the office ready for Donn to come and do computer stuff. Then I did some picking up and organizing in the living room. And I'd decided to hook up the TV in Marilyn's bedroom, too. When I went to activate the new replacement box, it wasn't happening, so I had to set up to have a tech out. They had someone available today, so guess what? I mean, when you're feeling lousy, why not have two people in the house for hours? (smile)

The Infinity (Comcast) thing should have been a quick fix, but this guy was a major over-achiever (seeing as I can relate, I liked that a lot). He checked EVERY single box in the house (!!!), plus did a bunch of work on the panel outside the house. Robert (that was his name) also changed the setting on the bedroom TV (formerly our family room 27") and made sure we had stereo sound -- and did the same with our new family room big screen. He was here for more than hour, believe it or not! I have to say I'm impressed with Comcast getting someone out here same-day. Pretty cool.

As for Donn, things did NOT go smoothly at all. I helped with a couple minor things, then left him alone to do his 'magic' (as Kris always calls it). Unfortunately, it went poorly in many ways. But on the GOOD NEWS side, I have my 'new' computer back and am using it to post right now. I have my email account active again, thank God -- it's been down for ages, and I've been bouncing like MAD. And I have my old email available to check when necessary (as an archive). I seriously needed that, so I'm pleased.

I'll miss all the cool things about Netscape mail, though. There was no LIMIT to filters -- which I sincerely don't get with Outlook -- so I could set up any email to go automatically into any subfolder I wanted. That was a pretty cool feature. It was also easy to create HTML emails, which certainly is NOT true for Outlook. Netscape had some nice features, but it was time (far past time) to move on. (sigh)

Now I need to reinstall TONS (and I do mean TONS) of programs on my computer, which was entirely reformatted to swap the OS. That's a lot of 'Charlie hours' (rather than man hours) I'll need to put in. I could have started today, but I just couldn't face it after Donn finally left.

Actually, Donn is coming back tomorrow to finish up (hopefully). We'll see how it all goes. Currently the dual monitor seems to be a deal breaker. As I've never had one before, I won't miss it -- but I really want Marilyn to have it! She's using it at work and she would have a much easier time doing things here if she had it -- and I'd love to have her be able to work from home more...

Sister Sue met with Chris the insurance dude today. She says things are progressing. Believe me, I will keep you informed! Eventually I'm going to tell all -- what company and the results, both good and bad. But we seem to be far from that point right now.

Marilyn came home quite late after her hair appointment (and a long day with no breaks). She brought me fried rice, so I ate that for dinner -- my first real meal of the day. Nice of her to think of me, isn't it? She knows how much I love that fried rice.

I need to go finish up the garbage and recycling, which I originally started early today. I have the bulk of it done, but it's late, so I should go wrap it up soon. This is another week with an extra bag and tons of recycling from boxes. (sigh) But as long as we're getting new things we need and cleaning out stuff, I suppose that's how it's going to be. That's one really FULL recycling bin (our local bins are HUGE and like garbage cans with wheels, by the way) this week, believe you me...

Hopefully tomorrow will be an easier day. My meds should start to make me feel better soon, for one thing. And once Donn gets finished, it should be less stressful.

Have you guys seen "Up in the Air"? Marilyn and I watched it (again) on cable tonight. I think it's a fascinating movie -- and George Clooney is his usual amazing self!

That's it for today...

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