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Doctor Today...

I tried to post here at LiveJournal yesterday, but couldn't get it to work -- no matter how hard I tried! It was weird, because I managed to log in and comment a bit, but not to post... Anyway, I'm glad to see it working today!

Marilyn and I went to see "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" last night -- and we absolutely LOVED it! I highly recommend this film, which even made me cry at one point. It's so real you, too, will fall in love with Caesar -- he's WONDERFUL from beginning to end.

Happily, Sister Sue kindly took me to the doctor today. He gave me seven days worth of meds, and I'm looking forward to feeling better. (Bladder infections truly suck.) These are heavy-duty pills (and they're HUGE horse pills I can hardly swallow) -- with a ton of really B.A.D. side effects. I need to drink a TON of water with them to avoid kidney stones...

But I need them, so whatever!

I did doze a bit today in front of the big screen TV in the family room (which I adore). I wasn't even watching an HD channel, but it's still amazing to me.

I also did some loads of laundry (wash, dry and fold), worked in the kitchen (it's really coming along), contacted Donn about tomorrow and the computers (sigh) and did some other minor errands. Considering I felt borderline yucky, I think that's not too bad, really...

Oh. Yeah. And I started my day (before the doctor) with some IT/phone stuff for work. I'd almost spaced all that!

I still need to share house photos (I did share some at Facebook, but that's an easier upload than here -- with no coding). The colors are off in the photos, but you can still get the idea.

We had burgers (with tomato) and corn for dinner -- and I 'cheated' and toasted the buns (instead of putting them in the oven to brown). Wow, that was a lot easier, so I just might do it that way in the future! Of course, it wouldn't be easy if I had been doing more than two buns... (smile)

I'm loving "The Other Tudors." What a fascinating book! And, yeah, I did download it for my Kindle. In fact, as soon as I finish this entry, I'm off to read more (and have a well-earned nap).

Finally, I forgot to mention that we've been invaded by ANTS. (ugh) We had them all over (!!!) the kitchen floor on Saturday. And sister Sue and family have them, too. I'm using the liquid Terro product out on the front porch (you have to keep it away from your pets), where I have it on a small piece of cardboard I've tacked up high enough to keep animals away from it. The ants go right to it like honey, so I suppose they can smell it out (or whatever ants do to find food).

When I had them bad on Saturday I literally took strips of clear packing tape and got down and 'trapped' them one at a time by tapping the tape on them. As crazy as that sounds, it works quite well! I soon had the majority of them off the floor. (It's a trick I used years ago for fleas, with far less success... I'm glad to report that we've never had fleas since moving into this house, though I've no clue why not.)

There were a few ants back again in the sink and on the counter today, but not many. Hopefully they'll carry the poison back to the nest and we'll be done with them soon!

Well, that's it for today, I guess. If I stay on the computer a minute longer I'll need to work on the festival website (!!!), so I'm going. Yeah, yeah -- I really need to do that! I'll get on it tomorrow, for sure...

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