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Interesting Sunday... (Vaca is Almost Over)...

Marilyn and I spent a pretty quiet day today on this Sunday before the end of our vacation week.

Some highlights include hanging the Centennial blanket on the wall in our family room -- something we've wanted to do since 2007 (Centennial year). I'll need to get photos for sure, but I can say without them that the colors of the blanket are PERFECT for the room! Yeah, I do need to take photos of the family room -- but the problem is that the colors don't seem to show up the way they actually appear, which is annoying. Oh well...

I put together the final lamp today, but it's going in the living room (upstairs), not down in the family room. Just an aside, I guess. (smile)

We both slept a lot today -- and I mean a lot. We've both felt slightly under the weather during this week, so I think the rest was a good thing.

I also read my current book (yes, an actual book -- not on my Kindle), "The Other Tudors," by Philippa Jones. Interestingly enough, I didn't care for her novel "The Other Boleyn Girl" -- so I've never read any of her other non-fiction work. But I'm CRAZY about this book! I can hardly put it down! This is clearly her research for Tudor-related work being released, and it's fabulous. I might actually buy it for my Kindle, as well -- YES, I love it that much!

Marilyn's playing the Blu-Ray of "The Rite" (a movie we both LOVE). It's interesting to finally own a Blu-ray player after all this time.

We got it when we bought our big screen TV, by the way -- which I'm pretty sure I've never mentioned yet. We got it from Video Only on Hayden Island (which is where our sister Sue lives). We literally went over and ordered it in the evening Tuesday and it was delivered on Wednesday (in the morning). The experience couldn't have been a more positive one -- I'd highly recommend Video Only.

It's amazing to have a big screen TV -- we've both crazy about it! We're just loving watching it. Don't get me wrong -- we were fine having our old 27" TV that we got when we moved into this house back in 1994. (Or the older one that's still in the living room and that we got while living in our old house...) But it's clear that we're really going to be grateful for the new TV -- and we're really going to enjoy it. It's quite a change, that's for sure!

As for my poor computer (I mentioned the latest issues on July 18 HERE), Donn's been working on both mine AND Marilyn's (we bought both of these last October 29 -- but I didn't set up until January of this year, as mentioned HERE). Due to a mess up, it looks like ALL of my data was lost (!!!). (sigh) We both have dual hard drives to avoid exactly this, but I think this is Kris' fault, actually... (big sigh)

I'll live, I guess, as there's no way to restore it -- the drive in question was reformatted, so that's that. I got a text message from Donn asking if my computer was backed up, which I'd already told him I hadn't done. So it was alarming, to say the least.

The good news is that he saved my email. Or so he says -- I think I'll wait to see that with my own eyes before I totally accept it. (grin)

I'm planning to have him come this next week to do the final setup and bring the computers back. We went back to Windows XP (from Windows 7), by the way. We were both sick of the issues we were having, so we gave up on the upgrade.

Which reminds me that I need to contact Kris about the two work computers I also want reformatted back to WinXP! This needs to happen soon...

What else happened today? We watched the film "Set It Off," which we really enjoyed.

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