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Somewhat Lazy Day -- With Some Organizing and Cleaning OUT...

As I've mentioned before, Marilyn and I are really HOOKED on HGTV on cable. I guess you could call it our latest addiction. (grin) There are so many different series we enjoy on the channel that it would probably be easier to list the ones we DON'T like, than the ones we DO.

Today we also watched several episodes of "Hoarders," on A & E. We think it inspires us to further organize and clear out. We've got several more boxes ready to go to the Goodwill soon, needless to say...

We didn't leave the house all day, which was fine by both of us. We'd talked about going to see a movie tonight and decided against it.

We did spend part of the day playing Zuma on our 'old' computers, which we're happy to be able to use while our 'new' computer towers are 'in the shop' being worked on. I actually spoke to Donn a couple of times today as he worked on them. He probably won't be ready to bring them back until Tuesday, at the earliest, but that's okay.

Really, I don't have much to report today, aside from that. Well, I'm either going to play some more Zuma or read my Kindle and have a nap. I'm undecided at this point.

Marilyn and I just had Reeser's mac and cheese (brought home from work) for dinner. Yummy, once I'd added quite a bit of grated cheese. (smile)

By the way, I don't think I've mentioned this odd fact: For several weeks now I've cut down on other beverages and have been drinking a TON of bottled water -- without adding Crystal light (or anything else). I haven't been in the habit of drinking plain bottled water for years, so this is a rather big deal for me. Plus it's interesting to note that I've cut down on pop and coffee quite a bit (and caffeine additives for my bottled water).

I doubt it's enough to make me less of a caffeine addict, though, which isn't my goal, anyway. I'm just mentioning it because it's interesting to me, if no one else...

And that's it for today!

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