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Work at Home Day...

Marilyn and I have both worked hard today -- but she certainly started it and was the leader on what we got done.

All the boxes are out of the garage, believe it or not! We had just under 50 boxes out there at one point (along with tons of other stuff, too, including furniture).

Aside from packing heavy boxes full of books and other stuff up and down stairs, I lifted three heavy pieces of exercise equipment (does that count as exercise?) out of the garage.

Marilyn unloaded and sorted tons of boxes of video tapes (getting rid of many), DVDs and so on. And she broke down all the tons of boxes to prepare to get rid of them. Kristen wants them, so we've got a huge stack outside under the tree, waiting for her to come and get them.

Of course, some are piled full of stuff for the Goodwill. And personally I still have boxes of books to sort through. I'll try to get rid of some and put others away, now that our furniture is back in the laundry room and family room.

The garage is ALMOST empty enough to get the car back inside (!!!), which is a major goal for both of us. It gets filthy sitting outside -- especially under the fir tree that throws off constant sticky pitch and tons of pine needles. (sigh) We've had it washed, but there's not much point to keep washing it until we can park it inside the garage again...

Three pieces of furniture left to clean up and haul inside at this point. I've rearranged the garage so our Christmas trees (indoor and outdoor trees) are in a corner out of the way, happily. We need to do more organizing in the garage, admittedly, but it's far better than it was, I'm happy to report.

Nice to face going back to work with most of this done. I admit the whole thing impacted the upstairs a ton, as well -- so I'll need to go through stuff that ended up in the living room, office and my bedroom, too.

Marilyn has done a ton to organize the bookshelves in the family room that hold our video tapes and DVDs! Amazing. We just took a much-needed break and had a Chelada (Bud Light and Clamoto) that we think was well earned. (grin)

It was quite HOT in the garage today, so we're both sweat balls (and dirty, to boot). We're thinking about naps before we shower. We're also thinking about finally going to see Harry Potter tonight...

Sister Sue skipped cribbage today and came home. She said she had fun, even though she didn't really do well at this weekend's tournament. Well, I guess that's the luck of the cards, sometimes! She's working on our insurance claim -- good luck on that!

For those of you wondering, house insurance isn't worth it if you're going to have flooding of any kind -- or major plumbing issues of any kind. They DO NOT pay up on any of that! At some point when this is all worked out, I'm going to list exactly what we've had to pay and exactly how much was covered -- because I think you'll find it interesting! And I'm also planning to list the company we're insured with -- and tell you how long we've done business with them.

My thought is that you can figure out for yourselves if you think you'd want to do business with them after you read what I've shared...

I've made it clear all along that I was going to share this, no matter what the results of our claim ends up -- good or bad.

Well, that's it for now. Nap time!

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