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Back Home from The Dalles, Oregon...

Sister Sue is at her cribbage tournament right now, so feeling well enough not to stay home. (She also went to her weekly cribbage for the first time in weeks last night, after going to the doctor yesterday morning.)

Marilyn and I drove up the Columbia River Gorge (always a fantastic, scenic drive) to The Dalles, Oregon to have dinner at Spooky's. We took along our laptops and played a tiny bit online -- and actually got two pizzas (pepperoni and their amazing taco pizza). I also had a salad and we shared a pitcher of Bud Light beer. Fun, fun! (The above link is to a blog entry here at LJ last August. I'm amazed that Spooky's still doesn't have a website, nor do they have a Facebook site. Really???)

The drive home in the semi-dark and dark was also lovely. I've liked riding in the dark since childhood...

Now Marilyn is beside me playing Zuma and I'm blogging (again).

We're thinking about a movie (surprise). We still haven't managed to make it to Harry Potter, but maybe this weekend. (smile)

We're in for some warm weather, finally, from what the news is saying. It's currently 63° here. Last weekend we had record rainfall (!!!). Tomorrow they say it will be 85°, and higher still on Sunday. They're planning for cooling centers, so I guess summer might finally be here in Portland...

The horrible situation in Norway is very distressing -- no, I'm NOT ignoring it. I feel terrible about it and find it shocking. Marilyn told me they were saying there were 80 dead at the youth camp, which is awful. Why? And the bombing on top of that! Apparently BOTH attacks are tied to the same man, but they don't know the reason yet. (sigh) I'm praying for the entire country...

Well, I might play some Zuma myself now! And we have ice cream for later, if we want it. (grin)

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