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Wednesday? The Beach with Sister Sue!

Today was beach day -- Marilyn drove and sister Sue and I were along for a lovely ride! The weather was much nicer than expected, by the way, with no sign at all of rain. And on the way down we got Mango Pineapple Real Fruit Smoothies (yes, from McDonald's -- as I've mentioned many times). Folks, if you haven't tried these yet, I can only wonder WHY NOT??? (smile)

We got down in time to play part of the 2:00 Coverall at Fascination in Seaside (Oregon). Then we went for a meal at Pig 'N Pancake. Marilyn and I actually had the same thing: clam strips with baked potatoes and clam chowder. Sister Sue had liver and onions with a baked potato and chowder. Good food!

Then we went back and played more Fascination -- and all three of us managed to win one Coverall game each. After that, we played regular Fascination and I suddenly got on a roll (!!!) and was winning a ton. We laughed so hard and had such a good time.

Then we walked down for some ice cream and finally Marilyn and I went to the Seaside Turnaround to get the view of the actual ocean and coastline. It was a perfect beach day: mild, sunny and mostly blue skies with just a few clouds.

We enjoyed lovely rides both there and back, so it couldn't have been a better day for the three sisters!

Now I'm just up from a nice nap, and ready to face the garbage and recycling.

Marilyn and I talked about snacks and a movie later, so we still might do that, as well. (grin) After all, we can stay up as late as we want during vacation!

We did drive down to the office last night, actually. The IT Room is overheated (yes, AGAIN). I've no clue if the City ever acted on this today or not. (sigh) And I also had to log in today and change the password for the front desk computer, because we'd had an unplanned Server restart (which I discovered when I logged in to the Server from home). This may well have been a result of the overheating issue (!!!), which is alarming, to say the least...

No surprise that I wasn't able to get through a week of vaca without doing IT work, because that just never seems to happen. But that's okay, it didn't come close to spoiling our day.

Oh! And before I forget to mention it, Sue B. sent a lovely card to Marilyn and me that came in the mail, telling us to have a nice vacation. How cool is that???

I guess I'll go start on the garbage and recycling and see if Marilyn has a movie in mind! Good night all!

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