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Amalfi's and District 9

Marilyn and I did some more work around here, hanging things (posters and other art) and emptying out some more boxes. Plus we moved some of the boxes out of the garage.

Sister Sue came over with Nicole and Madyson and took home the boxes of books and clothes. Sue seemed pleased to get these, but the girls seemed pretty unimpressed by everything, frankly. I guess that might be about them being teenagers, but maybe it's just them. Who knows?

Anyway, later Marilyn took Sue and me to Amalfi's for pizza and spaghetti. It's one of our favorite restaurants. (And we brought home quite a bit of leftovers, too.

Then Marilyn and I watched "District 9" on cable TV. What an excellent film! I'm really glad we watched it.

We're talking about maybe driving to the beach at some point tomorrow, but we don't have any firm plans. We're just playing everything by ear.

I might go start on some more boxes when I finish this entry. I'm feeling inspired to get rid of more stuff (!!!) and really move toward a more organized and clean home. Marilyn and I have already been doing this, but so much of this stuff is MINE -- so it's really got to be me getting rid of more and more stuff...

I hope everyone is having a good week, so far. More later...

Tags: 2011, amalfis, art, cable-tv, cleaning, food, house, july-2011, madyson, marilyn, movie, nicole, organized, sister-sue, tv

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