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More Computer Issues... (sigh)

So, remember about a month ago when I had Donn 'fix' my computer (mentioned HERE)? Well, it's got the exact same issue. Yes, again.

To be 100% honest, I'm not convinced I ever entirely got rid of the problem the first time around. I kept having weird behaviors with using a search engine. And it popped up again while I was doing a search, by the way.

Anyway, I'm back using the 'old' computer -- until the new one can be fixed. Again.

Right now I'm screwed because I can't reach Donn (my computer tech). In fact, I don't even know if he's in town currently. He was supposed to go to California for a family-related problem...

In other news, we took a couple of trips to the Goodwill today and got rid of a lot of stuff.

We also ended up going to Costco tonight, where I saw the PERFECT chair, an amazing Lane recliner. I loved how it looked and it was SUPER-comfortable to sit in, too. The problem? No delivery service. There's no way we could get the chair into our car, IF I could lift it to begin with. So there's no point in being in love with this chair, because there's no way to get it...

Some days I find it so unfair that men are able to physically do things we women can't. I've watched men (especially in recent weeks) pick up with ease things I can either barely budge, or can't move at all. Marilyn and I saw other furniture there we'd love to have, but we need to put it out of our minds, but there's no way it's happening.

But in the good news category, we found a couple of amazing floor lamps that we got for $40 each. I'm sure they're nicer the ones we just bought for twice as much (!!!). Anyway, we'll see...

Marilyn and I did very little today, again. We're pretty sore and tired from yesterday. We didn't go to a movie, but we've been thinking about getting a movie on cable (one we want is available after midnight tonight).

Well, as I said, I'm currently typing this on my 'old' computer -- which I'm VERY glad I still have. I've also got the new laptop, so it's not like I'm not able to do anything. Still, the serious money is invested in our 'new' computers. And it's time to decide if we want to go back to WinXP and dump Win7. I'm so frustrated by not being able to do anything with Win7 that it's not even funny...

Oh. Remember me saying Marilyn and I watched "The Lincoln Lawyer" (on cable)? Well, I decided to buy the DVD today. So now we can watch it again if we want to. It's worth seeing again -- in fact, we've already watched it more than once. (smile) If we wanted to, we could still see this on the big screen -- it's playing at a movie theater over in Vancouver...

I almost forgot to mention that we got new CAT BEDS for Colin and Henry today (and gave the old ones to the Goodwill). Henry crawled right inside his and curled up for a nap. Colin had to be coaxed a bit at first, but later today I went in to my room and found him inside his bed, having a nap. Sweet boys!

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