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Lazy Saturday - First Day of Vacation!

Did we go to see Harry Potter? Take any drives? Unpack any boxes? Do anything?


Well, we did a few things. Things to RELAX. Things like REST. And we slept.

So, Marilyn and I slept in (I slept far later than she did). Then we snacked on leftover pizza (delivery from dinner last night) and watched TV. And played Zuma on the computer. Tonight we got "Lincoln Lawyer," with the ever-charming Matthew McConaughey. We really enjoyed it.

And I finished reading my latest FREE Kindle novel, "The Big 5-OH!," by Sandra D. Bricker. (Last night, actually.) I enjoyed the read overall, but wasn't crazy about the abrupt ending. It wasn't a bad ending, it just seemed sudden and less detailed than I'd expected, I guess... But I liked the characters and found it entertaining. I'm not usually that crazy about romance novels, but I've been reading a few lately. This was a Christian romance, which basically means there's less blatant sex (which I actually like) and some subtle mention of God tossed in. In other words, it doesn't beat you to death with religious references, which suits me fine. (I have numerous religious downloads on my Kindle and I read them often, but I don't usually select religious novels for light reading...)

But, admittedly, I recently read "The Time Baroness," by Georgina Young-Ellis, also a romance -- but with a twist. The description of the book is: It started out as a simple experiment -- time-travel to Jane Austen's England to live a quiet, rural life as a woman of independent means... It sounds far-fetched, I know, but it's a clever and enjoyable tale!

The second book was $.99, believe it or not. And I'd read Young-Ellis again in a snap. So this thing with free and inexpensive books does work -- because I'd read Sandra D. Bricker again, too...

I have great books on my Kindle. I just counted, and I have 300 at this point in time. Most of them were free or really cheap, by the way. I recently had someone say to me that Kindle was expensive -- because of the cost of books! Again, you can find them for free if you look. And if you're willing to read the classics and some obscure-but-good books...

So, yes, I've been reading my Kindle again today.

And loving our cats, who have weathered all the recent changes and work pretty well, I have to say. Colin is still spending part of each day hiding in my closet, but he seems to be getting braver and more willing to be downstairs, which is a good thing.

Speaking of the cats, Henry is doing really well right now. We still need to get him in to see his new vet, but there just hasn't been time yet. Henry's ears are so good now, it's a delight.

We're watching "Saturday Night Live" in the background while I blog and Marilyn plays Zuma. Wow, what a perfect and relaxing day...

Vacation is officially on!!! (grin)

We might go to the show tomorrow. Of for a ride. Or...

...we might not do a damn thing. Yes, again.

You know, I can't think of the last time I felt this deserving of some R&R, frankly! I hope you're all enjoying your weekend, too...

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