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Good Day? Yes! Pinnacles Are Off...

I spent the morning working from here at home. But in the afternoon, sister Sue kindly drove me down to the office (just before noon, actually) to work.

I had a frustrating Windows 7 issue right before leaving the house. I was using Paint Shop Pro and working away on custom covers for various Pinnacle award submissions. Near the end of one, Win7 has a compatibility error (which happens constantly, by the way) -- and it shuts down PSP and I lose 45 minutes of work (!!!). I was screaming at the computer at that point, let me tell you...

So I finished up that cover by starting OVER from scratch (!!!). Needless to say, I suppose, I didn't do quite as fancy a version the second time around. But it turned out okay, anyway...

The Grand Pinnacle award books were delivered this morning. Marilyn gave me a copy that was just slightly flawed -- which I'm delighted to own! Both she and Sue (our president) paid for copies to keep. (Each one cost us $75, except for mine, which they threw in for free because of the tiny flaw.) Marilyn was being really careful with them, as we only had seven copies, total -- and because they so resemble the souvenir program for this year, no one wanted any mixed up with these and accidentally tossed out or something! (grin)

Marilyn had Laura go get lunch for the two of us, and it was waiting when I got there. We've been hung up on these tuna and avocado sandwiches for ages, and happily that's what we had! (yummy)

After we finished up the Pinnacle stuff -- and Ashley got it all ready to mail off -- Marilyn did a few more tasks (phone calls and emails), and then we took off. I'm amazed to say that we did end up leaving early (which she's more than earned, considering she's worked two of her Mondays off -- including working the four-day-weekend everyone else got off). Normally when she's getting ready to go on vacation she ends up staying really late the final day, just to get everything done that she can...

We got Mango Pineapple Real Fruit Smoothies (yes, from McDonald's) on our way home. Yes, we continue to be hung up on them. And from what they've told us at McDonald's, we're NOT the only ones! (smile)

Then we ordered pizza online and had a little 'party' to celebrate being on vaca -- including ending up in our family room to watch "Jeopardy."

Then it was nap time -- and we're both so beat.

Anyway, I woke up a little bit ago and decided to come and blog before I head back to bed...

Marilyn and I are hoping to go to see Harry Potter with Rich (and maybe Mitch, too) tomorrow. Or at some point over the weekend, anyway. Not quite the same as a midnight movie, but it's working just fine for us!

Last night Marilyn counted, and we have over 80 boxes (!!!) we need to unpack. (sigh) I'm sure that's more than when we first moved in to this house. Marilyn says it makes sense, as we have far more now than we did back then. (We came from a 900-square-foot house into this 2,000-square-foot one -- and we've been adding to our stuff ever since! It's been close to two decades since then, and our parents have died and left us a lot of stuff, so it's little wonder, I suppose.) Our goal is to get rid of a lot of stuff now, to make life easier for the future. Keep your fingers crossed for us that this works out well!

We always think we're borderline hoarders (yuck), so it's good to have a jump start on tossing things out. We're not quite as disgusting as what you see on those shows, thank God. But it's easier to clean if you have a place to put everything -- and it's not always that easy here...

I'll need to share some Before and After photos -- and happily I do have some! So I'll let you see what happens.

Anyway, in spite of needing to unpack, I sincerely DON'T want to spend the entire week on this task. We both need and have earned some rest and relaxation, so whatever we manage to get done will be fine -- and the rest can wait until we get to it.

Well, back to my latest Kindle book -- one I found at Pixel of Ink -- a GREAT site for both free and inexpensive book downloads! I really love it.

I hope all is well with all of you -- I'll be trying to catch up soon.

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