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Moving Day -- Back IN, That Is...

Time to move it all back IN again, today...

And I'm really excited!!!

Of course, I won't pretend I'm not stressed. Normally Marilyn and I would decide together where things go, and today I'm on my own. Plus directing a bunch of nice-but-dumb movers...

We'll see how it goes. I'm not going to borrow trouble. This may end up speedy and simple, for all I know!

I think the crap in the laundry room is a concern to me (???). And getting Marilyn's stuff back right. And I'm not sure what comes in first, either. The only things that have to be right now are things I can't move on my own -- which means the very-heavy bookcases. The rest of it we can tweak out later. But it would be nice to get the guys to do my heavy lifting, so I can avoid as much of it as possible.

We're leaving the huge 'fort' of boxes in the garage where they are. Our plan is to bring them back one box at a time -- otherwise we wouldn't be able to MOVE down there!

Please keep your fingers crossed for me (and say a prayer if you're so inclined).

I hope this is smooth!

Tags: 2011, house, july-2011, marilyn, stress

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