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House? Almost Done.

I'm just too tired to go into details, as much as I certainly SHOULD, about today.

Anyway, the carpet (finally) got finished. Troy, who did the trim, was AMAZING! And he was willing to STAY until the job was finished, even though it ran long for him (and he had another job waiting after it).

Blake was AMAZING, too -- as he has been the whole time. He came and PERSONALLY did a bunch of work, including using spackle and painting, plus putting our security bar back up and other 'tweaking' type work.

The downstairs really does look wonderful to both Marilyn and me. Freshly painted and carpeted. And her bathroom has a BEAUTIFUL new floor, was entirely painted (not just 'patched' where the drywall was fixed) -- besides having a cool new toilet.

We've never had trim in her bedroom -- even around the door. So this is a nice addition.

Anyway, our belongings come back in tomorrow from the pod and garage (the heavy stuff in the garage). Our job is to UNPACK and put away everything. And I imagine they'll be some amount of stress getting everything put where it needs to go. After all, some of this furniture is impossible for me to move once it's in place (such as the bookcases). So I'm a tiny bit worried, but I'm sure it will go just fine.

Sister Sue did go along with us to shop for a new sofa -- and we got one at the first place we went to! It's on order to be delivered Thursday, which should be perfect.

We looked at chairs for me, but I haven't settled on one as yet. The amusing thing? I originally was going to get a 'new' chair back in 2006 (as mentioned HERE). Of course, I did get the chair, but it had to go back (as explained HERE).

I hadn't realized I'd been making do with a make-shift 'chair' all this time. You know what? It worked FINE for me! I eventually brought in one of our plastic Adirondack chairs from the yard (we had three, so we didn't really miss one) -- and I put my leather vibrating chair thing on it. It just shows that you don't have to have something fancy (or expensive)...

I wavered a lot over the chairs we looked at because of cost. I'd like to see what they have in-store at Walmart. Or check Costco (I've had chairs from Costco before). So I guess we'll see...

We did buy a couple of standing floor lamps at Freddies which we need to put together. They look really nice (a big improvement over what we've had in the past). I guess we'll see when we get them together...

Well, I started this ages ago -- and it's now after 10:00. Tomorrow's another big day, so I'm headed to my make-shift 'bed' (you can barely call it that) soon. I should wash my hair first, though -- if I can get myself to do that.

Marilyn and I are both TIRED. The last couple of weeks have been hard, especially with the Grand Pinnacle stuff and the house stuff (and trouble sleeping worth a damn).

The cats are DELIGHTED to be able to finally go downstairs again! I can't blame them one bit. They're just tearing around down there, with no furniture to get in their way. (smile)

One more day.

One more big day of house stuff to go. Hopefully the sofa delivery won't be a big deal on Thursday. And I'm planning to be in the office on Friday as we wrap up Pinnacle stuff. If all goes well, Marilyn and I will leave work early. (But, no, I'm NOT counting on it!)

Thursday night is the midnight movie!!! We're looking forward to it, as we always do midnight movies (especially summer ones).

I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton. And I'm deliberately omitting a bunch of stuff. Anyway, more soon, including lots of photos!

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