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Painting? It's Done!

Well, the painting is done -- and the guy (John Kennedy -- nothing like JFK) did a really good job, in spite of having no personality. And being pretty much a jackass, too boot. Marilyn found him equally annoying, especially when he had to come to us and admit he'd lost our paint sample cards!

I immediately texted Blake, starting with 'WTF' and telling him the news. John showed us new color cards and we picked colors close (if not the same), so it was fine. I later talked to Blake and complained a bit about John's attitude. I wanted to know why it was fighting making wall repairs, considering Marilyn and I had agreed to PAY for anything not covered by insurance. (In fact we'd asked him to paint her bedroom yellow while already doing this work, knowing we'd pay for the additional job. It was too good to pass up with him already here and everything empty to make painting easy.)

Marilyn and I went to McDonald's and got breakfast (and stopped to get gas). Then she dropped me off and headed to the office -- she had the first draft of the Grand Pinnacle submission from Kenny and needed to started tweaking it out. This will be the focus this weekend, with it needing to go to print on Monday...

I did some stuff online (and on the computer), then I went in to be with the cats. Actually, Colin was hiding totally away -- but Henry was howling like crazy, not liking being locked up in my bedroom. I read a bit, but most dozed -- and Henry dozed with me.

Now Marilyn is home and the painting (as I said before) is DONE. So the whole house smells of paint, but we've got a DAY OFF (woo hoo) from all the workers while the paint dries. The work starts again bright and early on Monday.

Speaking of Monday, it should be a day off for Marilyn -- as she has all Mondays off this time of year. But because of the deadline, she'll obviously be working this coming Monday...

I just spoke to my nephew Larry, who has bipolar affective disorder (which used to be called manic depression, and easily makes as much sense to me, but whatever). He's been staying at my sister Sue's house (he's her son), and it's been difficult. His wife (Tammy) has a restraining order against him, so he can't go to his own home. There are no half-way houses or other places available (long waiting lists), so it's difficult... Larry has been violent recently, for the first time ever. This is (obviously) worrisome.

My cousin Gary was mentally ill, so we've been around it our entire lives to some degree. I suppose everyone has with a relative or friend. Gary always seemed so inoffensive (thin and pale), but he was quite dangerous and violent -- and tried to kill both my Aunt and Uncle repeatedly. Larry, on the other hand, is huge. He's a big bear of a man -- tall, obese and muscular. It would be quite simple for him to hurt people, in all honesty.

Part of me finds it hard to believe Larry would ever be violent. But recent events disprove me, so in spite of memories of the sunny boy and youth I knew, I need to be cognizant of reality...

He did most of the talking while I listened. He used to be such a happy person, always smiling, joking and laughing. Now he's so wounded and hurting. I really don't know this Larry at all. But when he married a woman who hated us, it meant we saw him almost not-at-all for decades.

Larry seems to want to live in past, when his life was different. But life moves on and we must go with it, no matter where it leads.

I feel bad for Larry. But I also feel bad for his immediate family. And for sister Sue, her daughter Candy (my niece and Larry's sister) and Candy's daughter Nicole. Trying to have Larry stay with them in their small house was never going to work out.

Well, I wrote all this earlier in the day. The painter finished (he had another guy for part of the job) by 2:00 p.m.

Marilyn and I are now down at the office and back at work on the Grand Pinnacle Award Submission -- which she is understandably obsessed with. I'm helping in whatever small ways I can, which isn't all that much. This is her baby -- she does most of the work entirely alone. Kenny (the festival's amazing graphics artist that's been working with us since 2007... or 2008) is doing the layout, and it's going to be a thing of BEAUTY. It's deliberately being made to look like our souvenir program from this year -- which was FABULOUS.

I love the idea of having this as a book -- and one that can be around forever. It's going to be a part of history, in other words!

And, yeah, I am pleased that our names will be included inside, because I feel we've been an important part of the festival -- especially MARILYN, of course!

My photo will be inside, as I'm one of the featured volunteers, with a write-up just about me. I'm humbled by that -- it's a great honor to be focused on from all the thousands of festival volunteers...

Happily, Marilyn's photo is inside it, too -- as she was featured in a newspaper article with her picture that's appearing on one page.

Exciting aside: One of my graphics is being used in this book! It was cool to see it in the sample layout. And one of my photos from the festival this year is inside, too. So cool!!!

Again, this goes to print on Monday, so Marilyn has been living and breathing this thing. I don't know what the festival would do without her. I'm telling you, if we do win (which we certainly should), then it's almost 100% because of HER efforts!

Well, it's around 6:30 and I think I'll go see what else I can do to help her. The house reeks of the smell of paint, but I'm sure it will be better in several days. At least we were able to shut the kitchen door (that leads downstairs) and let the cats roam the entire upstairs again! They hate being shut up in my bedroom -- and I don't blame them! Poor kitties. They still want to go downstairs -- they have no clue why they can't!

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