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Tired, But Satisfied -- An Interesting 'Transition' Week!

I just finished a fic banner for Marilyn's mistressmarilyn latest fic, "Johnny's Requiem" -- written for the pre96 community. It's based on a fandom we loved back in the late 60's, "Lancer" -- a wonderful Western that was unfortunately up against the hit series "Mod Squad." (Yes, we were fans of both series -- but we loved "Lancer" until it was cancelled! We didn't really get into "Mod Squad" until after the demise of "Lancer.")

Anyway, the fic's her usual excellent write -- certainly worth a read -- and I'd love to have comments on how the banner turned out. (Ego? Who me?)

I finished the banner just in time for M. to post for her deadline -- literally with one minute to spare! (grin)

It's been an interesting, transition week...

I finally started to get 'active' with 'freecycling.' For those who are familiar with the concept, do feel free (pun intended) to check out the official freecycle website for more info...

This is done via freecycle lists at Yahoo! Groups. As always, you can either send email posts or post directly at the group home page...

Anyway, basically you POST an 'Offer' of something you're giving away for free. Tell about it, like this:

Subject: Offer: Coffee-maker -- North Portland

I have an attractive, black, West Bend, QuikDrip, 10-cup coffee-maker.

This has a built-in clock and timer -- so you can wake up in the morning
to a pot of freshly brewed coffee!

(Sorry, no manual!)

Then other group members write directly to you in response and you pick one to give the item to.

People can also post requests of items they want, such as:

Wanted: Air Conditioner

Then they generally post and explain why they need the item and so on...

Everything is given away entirely for free -- no strings attached. (No barter, no payment or mention of payment.)

I figure it's a great way to get rid of things we're not using -- continue clearing out and cleaning up the house -- while giving them to someone else who really does need the items.

This week I offered: A coffee maker, espresso machine, toaster oven, Brita pitcher (with three filters), a large box of dishes (huge, actually) and a 'Texas Hold'em' set (which was very popular).

Some items are yet to be picked up. I guess 'no shows' is common. As Marilyn pointed out to me, it's the usual problem. If something is free (like tickets to a Rose Festival event), then people are likely to value that thing less...

But we had some brutal weather yesterday! Pouring rain -- literally tons of it! So I'm trying to be understanding.

I'm a person who loves to give gifts all the time, so this will be a way I can fulfill that need without buying things!

Marilyn and I recently made a serious decision to try and cut back our spending. It's working, believe it or not! And now with the things that happened this week, we'll need to do even more.

We've discussed things we can cut from the budget (like getting the newspaper, lowering our phone service package, etc.), and hope to do those soon. (Next week?) There's going to be less money coming in, so we need to really tighten our belts. But I'm putting the cart before the horse here, seeing as Marilyn hasn't yet posted about everything involved. Actually, though this may sound financially daunting, we're very, very excited about the change!!! (More soon, hopefully. smile.)

I've continued my new exercise regiment, walking daily with my friend and neighbor June. We're both delighted with the results to date and anxious to keep it up. But I was really out of shape, I must admit! So it's going to take some time to get past the initial 'sore' and 'tired' stage!

I also have had a hip problem for years and years that flares up when I walk, rather than run or bike. I don't care that much about pain. It's a fact of life, after all. But I don't want to do anything that might cause an injury. That would set me back, and I'm not going there!

It's strange to be cat-less people after 14 years with two cats in our lives, so that's part of the transition. I've been very motivated to do some serious clearing out of 'things' around here. Some of it goes back to when I brought home all of the things from Mom and Dad's house, after Mom died. Though we were able to part with a lot of it back then, there was a lot I could bear giving up. As time has passed, I've gotten rid of more and more of it. I'm sentimental, so I do love having their things around me. But I don't need things to remember either one of them...

We still want to work on the graves for both Indy and April, but we haven't had time recently. (And Marilyn was sick last weekend, unfortunately.) We need to make a trip for more rocks! I doubt we'll do it tomorrow, either, seeing as the weather is so nasty...

This is the first time ever that we've bothered to 'mark' the grave of a cat, but I'm delighted with it. They're not out where they show much, but are located against the fence, behind our large spruce. A spot where April liked to lie a lot -- and Indy's right where he kept lying after April died...

Well, the house cleaning is a slow going thing. Empty out cupboards. Rearrange. Get rid of things. Move some things to another room. Empty drawers. Do the same thing. Empty closets and repeat. And so on.

When I'm more organized I want to get to the actual cleaning! Really tackle the floors and so on...

One of these days we'll have things the way we want them! (smile)

Meanwhile, it's not like our home is a disaster area, or something! Just a bit cluttered with stuff! I hate to admit that we love things so much, but what the hell. We do. And we just have so much, I guess...

But we come from parents who were 'keepers.' No wonder, as they grew up during the Depression! Which is why even though we have a wonderful Starbucks coffee maker that I kept our old one as a spare. What if our coffee maker broke? I might need it! Right. Not likely. I'm sure we'd just go out and buy a new one. (grin)

I'm rambling and rambling, as usual. I need to get in and work on several of our websites. I'm doing some page changes at CamelotSlash.Com. I've got changes I want to make to others, too! (Slightly different designs and so on.)

Obviously I'm behind (as usual) on adding fics up. But I hope to get to that soon, as well.

You'd think with the cats gone I'd have gotten to more of my online chores, but I've been very busy with other things! It's amazing to notice how much time I was spending caring for our cats, though. I hadn't realized how hard the last half year (plus) was...

Anyway, that's it for now. We stayed up all night last night, so we're going to try not to do that tonight!

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