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Delete Early Today -- But Late Day Was Okay!

I got the garbage and recycling done today in decent fashion, considering it was an all-around tough day. I didn't feel that great (sore throat, awful headache and ear ache), and got sick after trying to have lunch. Thankfully I ended up eating a yogurt, which was about all I could stand...

Sister Sue kindly took me to the store so I could get kitty litter and some stuff for dinner. It's been too hot to really cook, so I got pre-cooked burgers for the microwave that turned out tasty.

The movers were here today and started putting everything into the pod. Creepy, to say the least. But it does seem safe, anyway.

But before they could arrive, I started my day with the City guys here to finish up the street work! It was tons of trucks and signs and they had the entire street blocked off for access. My neighbors were less than thrilled, believe me, but whatever. They did a nice job (after hours of work) and the street is done -- except to take down the signs. (It was weird they didn't do that today, as they'd told me they would...)

Blake (our contractor) came by with John Kennedy (I kid you not) the painter -- but when I made reference to 'being President,' neither of them got what I was talking about. (Are they really too young to know who John F. Kennedy is? Really?)

Sue and I got a bite to eat at Freddies but I got sick and sent the food home with her (as I mentioned above). I kept meaning to lie down all day long, but I was pretty busy here...

In the early evening (5:00-ish) I went over to visit June (and Jim). We had a nice chat and I didn't come home until almost 7:00. Marilyn was still at work, but we both watched "Jeopardy" -- she there and me here at home.

When she finally got home I was on the phone with Mitch. He and I have been playing phone tag recently, so it was nice to chat, even briefly.

No, Donn didn't show today -- and that's another story I'll get to later on. I've no clue when he'll get here to do the work I've already paid for...

The downstairs is CREEPY AS HELL right now. It echoes when you talk. The floor looks awful. They cut the walls again (very noisy) to get ready for the drywall tomorrow. There's nothing on the stairs, but there are terrible NAILS everywhere, making it very hard to go up and down. I hope Marilyn doesn't end up hurting herself because of it, as they aren't putting down the carpet until next week!!!

The idiots... I mean movers... put her free standing wardrobe directly in front of the washer and dryer -- even though I asked them NOT to block them, as we'd need to use them. (I mentioned that more than once, by the way.) In fact, let's not even go to the list of things that were done WRONG today.

It's late, I'm beat and want to sleep, so I'll end. I have photos to download and share -- I'll try to get to it soon.

I was looking for some games June wanted. Here's the rub: They're on floppy disks and I have no A: drive on the new tower! I had to use the old tower to transfer them to a jump drive. I guess I need to move all my old floppy stuff to jumps, unless I'm just tossing it. But even now June wants that old stuff -- and why not?

Goodnight, all!

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