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Packing and a Pod -- Killer Day...

Marilyn is asleep in the living room on a make-shift sofa bed -- which is where she'll be sleeping for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully no longer than that, but it's possible, of course.

I have both of the cat boxes in my bedroom, so I'm not sure I can sleep in there right now. It's as much about the dust from the litter as it is about the smell from cat poop and urine. The cats can't help it -- and there's no place else in the upstairs to put them. So I've made myself a make-shift bed from a chair and two ottomans and lots of pillows. I've no clue if that's going to work or not. My back is telling me it's not very comfortable, so I might reconsider. That's the reason I'm up typing this, rather than trying to nap.

The packers were here bright and early to get started downstairs. I had to start out by making them move their car, as they were parked in front of a neighbor's house -- in a spot I knew would upset said neighbor. So I had them go to the corner on the side street. Which, by the way, is where our Pod has been delivered and now resides (for now). It's bigger than I'd expected -- and the truck that delivered it was HUGE. It came this evening as Marilyn was driving home from work. I was on the phone with her and had to run outside to talk to the driver. The guy was GREAT -- he took it all the way back to the 'yard' and reloaded it, so he could make it face the correct direction (which it now does). I haven't taken any photos of it yet, but I certainly will!

Speaking of photos, I didn't get pictures of the three women who packed us. Nor have I taken shots of all the stuff packed up and ready to go out to the Pod. I guess I should do that tonight...

The only bad things so far? They had no way to pack up hanging garments -- and lots of Marilyn's stuff is exactly that. She's adamant it remain hanging, and I don't blame her. Either that, or she wants them to cover EVERYTHING being sent to a Dry Cleaner after to be pressed, which is how it all is currently...

The other bad thing? One of the women closed -- meaning LOCKED -- a bass box (like a chest). We don't have a key, so I've no clue how we'll open it up again! There are linens inside, so it's not urgent, but still... (I suppose I'll have to insist they take it to a locksmith or something... I don't think we should have to break into it.)

Ever had anyone -- even a close family member or close friend -- in every single drawer of your dressers? Or looking at every book in your bookcases? These were pleasant women, but the whole thing bordered on creepy, even so. (sigh)

Don't get me wrong -- I'm glad they had to do all the packing, and not me! It's enough to know that I have to do all the unpacking on the opposite end of this.

When I posted yesterday I'd only started the work I did in advance of today. But I was up until 2:00 a.m. getting things upstairs that we both needed -- especially Marilyn. She had to pick out clothes and underwear and shoes for the next couple of weeks. Plus countless other items we keep down there.

I was so tired when we got through. You'd think I'd have slept like the dead, but I was restless. Probably a bit nervous about today...

Sister Sue came over and spent some time with me -- and took me to the Goodwill (more stuff we got rid of), to RiteAid for prescriptions and to McDonald's for something to eat. What a sweetheart, considering she still recovering from her heart procedure last Friday.

I didn't get much festival work done today, but I did some. I have things to do, but I really need to stay focused on things here at home. One of my emails basically said just that -- people at the office will need to be patient until I have free time...

I did rearrange more stuff upstairs. We're fairly comfortable considering we've moved into HALF the living space we're used to -- with stuff crammed all over the place. As we both keep saying, you can endure anything for a few weeks. So we know it's going to be fine, no matter what...

The poor cats are confused and unhappy, but doing okay. Henry DID get out once today, but it was with me right there, so I got him right back in again. Most of the day it wasn't even an issue, happily. I think most of the time we'll avoid the problem by having people go in and out through the back door (with the kitchen door leading downstairs shut). The cats are DYING to be downstairs and try to dash down any time we open the door. But as Marilyn said, we're both dying to go down there, too! So we can't really blame them. (grin)

I did do a load of dishes today. And I made bacon and tomato sandwiches (with a pot of coffee and macaroni salad) for dinner.

Henry is now in my lap. He just came in the office and demanded my attention!

The drywall guy was also here briefly today. He said he saw no reason his crew couldn't start the work tomorrow, so I hope that's the case! It's drywall first, then painting, before the carpet and flooring. Then they move everything back in and we spend time unpacking. Sounds good to me... (Yeah, I can't wait to be to the unpacking stage!)

I need sleep. I did have a short nap late this afternoon and early evening. But I'm still dragging. So I'm off to try.

Thanks, again, for the good thoughts and prayers you've all sent our way -- especially for those concerning Sue. By the way, she wanted me to say THANKS from her -- it meant a lot to her!

I did talk to neighbors Janet and Barbara about what was going on -- and sent a long email to neighbor June. The neighbors are very kind -- and concerned -- which is nice.

Oh -- and the weather here today was GORGEOUS!!! Deep blue skies and sunshine -- and warm enough to be glad for our air conditioning. Summer is really here at long last.

Before I forget, thanks Deanna annaed770 for the virtual gift! It couldn't have come at a more perfect time! (hugs)

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