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Fourth of July!

Marilyn and I are watching fireworks on TV -- wow, I wonder what small fortune these cost (???). We know way too much about how costly these are...

I just discovered that the entry I wrote earlier today and thought I'd LOST (!!!) was saved by LiveJournal (woo hoo). So I got to post it after all!!! That's good news.

Wow, the sound of fireworks around our house is deafening and a little scary, to be honest. Most of what's being set off it illegal here in Oregon...

We had Marilyn's baked beans and some macaroni salad today -- very yummy. And we went for a ride and had McDonald's mango and pineapple smoothies -- one of the best things ever!!!

It's been a great day.

Yes, we've also been working. I'm starting to get ready for tomorrow morning. It's all going to be good, I'm sure.

I hope you're all having a good day, whatever you're doing!

Tags: 2011, fireworks, food, fourth-of-july, july-2011, ride, tv

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