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Rough Day -- Sue's Procedure and More...

This day started out really early, as we needed to pick up sister Sue at her house by 6:30 a.m.

Marilyn dropped Sue and me at the main entrance of Legacy Emanuel hospital -- NOT an easy thing, as they've had construction going on there forever and a day, and it messes up getting there really bad.

Sue and I went through admitting, then they took us to the cardiac unit (can't recall what it was called and I left my notebook at the office) on the fourth floor. They put her into a room there and began to prep her. I helped her change and they asked tons of questions and did tons of tests and so on. I was there with her the whole time, but Sue finally asked me to leave. I'm not sure how and why, but I was making her nervous. (I barely spoke the whole time, really...)

I went down to the chapel to pray (and signed the prayer book asking for prayers for her), then I went to their 'cafe' to have breakfast. I got a waffle and milk and hate around half of it while reading my Kindle. Afterwards I went to the main floor waiting area and used my laptop to do some work.

One of the emails I discovered was from Blake, mentioning that the drywall guy was coming by today! I'd totally forgotten it in the morning (too focused on Sue), so I immediately phoned him to tell him I'd spaced it and left the house ALARM system on -- and to keep his guy out, which he said he would.

I kept working, but then suddenly my crucifix that I wear around my neck CAME OFF -- and fell on the floor (!!!). So I packed things up and went directly upstairs again.

When I got there I found Sue's room filled with people (four or five) -- and they pointed out her doctor, who was seated behind the main station (normally where nurses are located). He came out to speak to me and told me there had been a complication during Sue's procedure -- and after the shocking with the paddles her heart had stopped (!!!). They'd used medication to get it going, then she had such low blood pressure they'd had to use meds for that problem, as well.

While I'm talking to the doctor Marilyn is trying to phone me. I ignore it the first time, then answer it the second time and she informs me our house alarm has been set off (!!!). I explain I'm talking to the doctor and will call back. He finishes (it was an odd conversation, but I'll leave that for now), then I go in to see Sue, whom the doctor has told me is mentally aware.

I speak briefly with her, and while I'm talking to her Blake calls (!!!) to tell me about the alarm -- I tell him I'm in my sister's room talking to him and I'll ring him back.

Anyway, they're keeping Sue overnight -- the doctor wants her sleep pattern observed, plus he needs her vitals to be better. He has assured me that the shocking procedure worked, though (at least that's what he said at that point).

I get on the elevator to go downstairs, trying to phone and talk to Marilyn. We get cut off, and I've left her not really knowing Sue's condition (!!!) because of that. (sigh) We finally talk again and I try to explain what I know.

We need to GO HOME and figure out the situation with the alarm. Blake told me that he'd phoned Brink's (they're something else now, but he said Brink's) to explain the error. At some point I tell him that if the police come we'll be charged for a false alarm -- he assures me the company will take care of it if that happens. He's apologetic, considering he'd assured me this wouldn't happen...

Marilyn leaves work and heads to the hospital. I phone Candy (Sue's daughter) to try to gently explain about her Mom. She's at work so it's hard for us to talk, but I did my best.

Marilyn finally manages to get through the construction (!!!) to pick me up. We go directly home. Oddly enough, we find the alarm is ON again (really???). We go in and hunt for the cats. Henry is in Marilyn's bedroom, and Colin's in there, too -- hiding under the bed. When the big alarm goes off (because the code isn't entered) it makes a TERRIBLE and frightening noise, so we both feel awful for our poor cats!

We settle them down and must immediately go back to the office, because we have a TON of work to do -- we're on the major deadline for the Pinnacle submission -- which is mostly about Marilyn.

Eventually we go to get something to eat, as Marilyn hasn't had ANYTHING all day, and we've been up for hours and hours. The first place is closed (sigh), but we go to Starbucks and get drinks and sandwiches (though neither of us ends up wanting to eat them).

We get back to the office and have to leave almost immediately to go to the appointment for our car, way out in Wilsonville. We leave at 2:00 and don't get there until past 3:00 (!!!) for our 2:30 appointment.

I recall looking at my watch and seeing it was 4:00 when they talked to us for the first (of several) times. Anyway, it turned out we had a nail in one tire and needed a new tire -- but they don't have the tire in stock. Nor can we drive the car which is dangerous. Now what?

And there's all this talk about when we're going to get the tire they need to order. If we're willing to wait until next week, it's going to be $30 cheaper (or something like that) -- but if we want it tomorrow, it costs more. We've told the guy we need to pick up our sister from the hospital on Saturday, so we'll have to work around it. Finally it turns out we get a rental and have to leave our car (!!!) there. They'll call us tomorrow when they have the tire and have it installed...

Now we're in AWFUL traffic -- even worse than driving out there, which I wouldn't have believed possible. It's stop and go the entire long way. We finally get home close to 6:00 -- four hours later!

After dinner Marilyn had bad bowels, which was undoubtedly from STRESS. What a rough day.

As we both agreed, God is certainly testing us right now. Work, the house and Sue -- now the car. But it's been a lot of tests this year (the list is too long to bother with), far more than these.

We're up to it, of course, but looking forward to things calming down a bit sometime soon, hopefully.

The house won't be done until July 14 at the earliest (probably won't happen).

I never posted here about the City workers coming out this week to fix the curb. (At the moment I can't even place which day that was... sigh...) Now the street guys can come out and finish the street patch (replacing the temp one, plus the hole that's still there). It will be nice to get that done, too.

Marilyn is pretty much stuck doing this MAJOR Pinnacle submission (the big one, in other words) all by herself. Carol (and family) were leaving on vacation today. Jeff is going on vacation. Others have turned in work Marilyn has rejected, or haven't turned in things, yet. (Including me, for that matter...)

Next week is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL weather -- perfect summertime days. It's normally our vacation that we postponed because of this work. People keep saying to her, "I don't know how you can face two more weeks without vacation" -- and she keeps telling them she can't allow herself to go there. (What DON'T they get, saying that to her???)

We're not letting ANY of this get us down, no matter what. With God's help, Sue will be fine -- which is the most important thing. Marilyn will get the job done (she ALWAYS does!!!), our house will be fixed and the insurance will work out at some point.

I still need to go to the eye doctor and dentist (Marilyn needs to see the dentist, too!). And we need to get Henry in to see the vet for those tests. Frankly, both Marilyn and I have other medical stuff we need to do at some point, but we're not dwelling on any of it.

Marilyn has gone downstairs and I'm headed there soon. Sue said not to come up tonight, so we'll talk to her in the morning. She's miserable (uncomfortable and can't rest -- I remember very well), but hanging in there.

Thanks for the kind thoughts and prayers -- they mean a TON to us.

Sorry this sounds complaining. Seriously, we're not going to go there. We recognize our blessings at all times, believe me. We'll be fine -- we always are!

I wish I'd gotten more work done today, though.

And this weekend we need to pack up the stuff we DON'T want packed up by strangers (!!!) and put out in the POD for two (!!!) or more weeks. So that's another thing to keep us busy.

Clearly the beach trip is off. And they may not release Sue tomorrow. I don't know if we'll go very far from home, considering...

And that's it for today. Oh, yeah -- Andy Murray lost at Wimbledon today. We were pulling for him, even though we LOVE Rafa Nadal to pieces. We were both disappointed about Andy. And Marilyn said this evening, "Andy winning the first set was the last good thing that happened today." Um, she had a point! (grin)

Here's a day I'll be glad to say goodbye to...

Oh, and SORRY this is so damn long...

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