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More Housework -- Busy, Busy!

I talked to Donn a couple of times today. As I mentioned HERE, he worked on my computer last Friday. Now Marilyn and I want him to network our four computers (something Kris was supposed to do months back, but never did), set up our printer and the big job: make it easy for each of us to switch between our two desktop computers.

That final job will include setting up dual monitors for both of us, something Marilyn already has at the office (but I currently do not). I'm anxious for Marilyn to have this at work, as she'll frequently have to go to the office just to have this ability, which makes her work so much easier. She's mentioned that I'd love it, too -- and I suspect she's right! For example, I could have the website up on one monitor and the code up on another! Just imagine that! Right now I have to go back and forth when I'm trying to view the results versus the actual code...

This should be interesting, to say the least. Originally we had no plans to keep the old computers, but there's so much on them and without being networked (!!!) there was no easy way to transfer everything. Now that we're planning to do the networking (and keep all four), we can avoid a bunch of the transfer of stuff entirely. That's a good deal! When my 'new' computer was out, I was able to work using my old computer, thankfully! This really made me see an additional benefit of keeping the 'old' tower... Donn phoned with the cost, which was higher than he'd originally thought. But it still seems reasonable, so we're going to go for it...

Life is expensive -- no doubt about it!

Blake and I talked today and emailed. Things should go smoothly for next week, and I'm spending a lot of time right now getting ready for it.

I did loads of work in the laundry room today -- and it really shows! I bagged up a lot of old clothes and boxed up other things. Now I just need to get all of it to the Goodwill (!!!). Sister Sue and I were supposed to go today, but she wasn't feeling well. I'd wanted to go to lunch with her today (Mexican, ideally), but she was tied up with a bday lunch with a friend. I'm glad she decided to REST afterwards. We talked about lunch tomorrow, but if she's not feeling better we'll just skip it. She needs to focus on herself right now!

We're supposed to go to the beach to meet Wayne and Holly in Seaside at some point this weekend, but I suppose that will depend on two things: how things go with Sue's Friday procedure and how well things go at work on Friday (with Pinnacle submissions). I do think it would be fun to meet them for dinner and playing Fascination.

Sue B. invited us over to her house for the Fourth of July -- and we just might go. We don't really have any plans.

We'd talked about getting plants and planting this weekend, but I suspect that needs to go on a back burner. After all, the focus this weekend needs to be on getting our HOUSE ready for next week!

I also did some cleaning in the kitchen today. I wanted to put more stuff away (!!!), so I cleaned out our pantry cupboard (all three of the bottom shelves) and another large cupboard (two shelves). Plus I went through stuff in the nook area and moved a bunch of stuff to the shelves in the garage.

Aside from the cleaning I did, I also got most of the garbage and recycling done -- but need to finish it up when I'm done with this entry!

I also did some website work. Monday I finally reasoned out the code for adding Facebook links to the page where Staff is posted -- and it turned out very cool! That same day (late) I sent an email to Staff asking if they wanted to participate. Some (few) people answered immediately. Today I 'nagged' everyone -- but I still haven't heard back from the entire Staff. (sigh) They were asked to reply yes or no -- it's really NOT that difficult...

Today I added a sitemap to the website for the first time ever! I'm really excited about it. Actually, though I've wanted to do it for ages, it came out of my desire to know exactly how many pages we have at the site. Would you believe 494? Seriously, we have almost 500 pages! Marilyn needs a bunch of stats to go in the Pinnacle submission, so that's a pretty interesting one!

The coding for the sitemap was a tiny bit tricky, but it's pretty cool to have. I can't get over how much I'm enjoying it! I've yet to link it, but I plan to do that tomorrow.

I had it in my head I'd get back to my bedroom again today, but everything else kept me too busy to tackle it. I've made a TON of headway so far, but there's more to finish. Maybe tomorrow (???) if I'm lucky. I've got PILES of clothes to go through -- and I hope to get rid of a lot more.

Both cats (Colin and Henry) seem to be throwing up a lot lately. Colin has issues with fur balls (he's shedding like mad), but I think Henry's issue is his health condition. He's also a bit hyper, which could be related to his meds... Anyway, both seem okay this evening (fingers crossed). Henry had me awake for hours really early this morning -- then my 'cat alarm' went off just past eight to actually get me up. It was Colin that time!

Actually, today was pretty amazing for getting things done, when I list all of it! The garbage and recycling (including the cat boxes), work in the kitchen and laundry room, bagging up and putting aside five plus large bags of clothes, working on two aspects of the website, dealing with both Donn and Blake -- and answering a pile of work-related email, too. Go, me!

I'm more than ready for bed, but need to go and finish the garbage and recycling. It's almost done, thankfully, so that's no problem.

Do all of you know who Heloise is??? I've been reading 'Hints From Heloise' my entire life, which was always a fave for my Mom! Now the second Heloise has a WEBSITE, which seems perfect to me! Anyway, I've been re-reading her book, which has been very inspirational to me recently (as it has been in years past). I guess I need to get her most recent book now! (smile)

Did it -- I got the Kindle version!!!

I forgot to mention that Marilyn and I did have Mexican for dinner. We both wanted it after discussing it first thing this morning... (smile)

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