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Sister Sue's Heart...

Sister Sue recently found out that she was in a-fib. For those that don't know, a-fib is short for atrial fibrillation (or atrial flutter) -- a heart rhythm disorder (arrhythmia) that usually involves a rapid heart rate that isn't regular.

She saw her doctor again yesterday (it was all bad news). And this morning she saw her heart specialist. She's going to have a procedure on Friday morning (yes, that soon) to see if her heart can be shocked back into a normal pattern.

Marilyn will drive and I'll go along and stay there. (Marilyn has to drop us off on her way to work -- she's slammed by this Pinnacle deadline right now.)

The first part of the procedure is to run a camera down her throat to see if they find blood clots. If they don't, then they'll proceed with the paddles.

She had to pick up three medications today in preparation. I'm sure she's nervous, but this is actually a good thing. Some doctors would have just let it go and not tried to fix the problem.

The doctor said her mental confusion and fatigue were related to the condition, so Sue is hoping to see improvement after this.

Anyway, all three of us would appreciate your good thoughts and prayers.

In good news, Sue got her 'new' (slightly used) car last week (!!!) -- and she took me for a ride in it today for the first time since we all three took the test drive.

It's a wonderful car and I'm delighted it worked out for her to get it. Sue is delighted and she certainly deserves this happiness in her life.

More about Sue after Friday!

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