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Housecleaning? I Got A Good Start Today...

I got a good start cleaning up while working in my bedroom today.

Yeah, it could use the cleaning even without all that's going on, but because I'll need to have the cat's boxes (which are huge) in there during the restoration work, it needs to be easier than during the flooding (which was a nightmare).

No, I don't like smelling their boxes at night, but there's no choice here. The dust really gets to my allergies, but that's okay. My bedroom is the only place they'll fit aside from downstairs. Plus Marilyn will need to bring a bunch of her clothes and other things upstairs from her bedroom -- and she'll need to put some of it in my bedroom, I'm sure.

How the restoration works is that they send in people to pack up everything downstairs. That's in the family room, Marilyn's bedroom and dressing room (walk-in closet) -- and probably her bathroom, too (at least some of it).

Marilyn and I want to pack some of it up ourselves. The boxed up stuff, plus our furniture, will all end up in a pod just outside the house (safely locked up). The work is supposed to take anywhere from a week to a week and a half. Needless to say, we're not going to put anything that valuable out in the pod, even so. I'll be here 24/7 while the work is going on, so there's no reason to worry about. Still, we're keeping things like our DVDs, jewelry and so on inside the house. But we've got tons of books to box up and store there. No surprise to anyone who knows me well!

Interestingly enough, I was noticing that a lot of my books are now on my Kindle. I guess it's clear I won't be missing them while they're boxed up, considering I can still read them! (woo hoo) Yes, I love my Kindle!

When all the stuff is in the pod, they'll bring in the drywall guys to fix the walls. Then they bring in the painters and paint the walls. Finally they bring in the floor guys and take care of carpet and Marilyn's bathroom floor. Then they bring the furniture and boxes back in and get us set up. We unpack our own boxes, which is fine by us!

But, again, Marilyn will actually NEED lots of stuff to remain available in the house while this work is done. And we both want to personally pack up a bunch of it before the actual packing team comes in.

Marilyn got a registered letter today. Actually, we got a notice about it and sister Sue and I had to go pick it up (!!!). Annoying. It was the final notice -- but actually it was the ONLY notice. Go figure.

Blake (the restoration guy) phoned me at one point. But I was busy and put him off. I'll need to phone him back tomorrow. And I need to call Donn, too -- about doing the additional computer work we need done.

Tyler -- Rosanna's computer guy -- did finally phone me back, by the way. But by then I'd already had Donn here. I'm still curious to see what Tyler can do. I suspect there are some jobs around the office that he could do -- but I've no clue if he's business network saavy or not... (That's worth evaluating, though. Kris gets pretty tied up now with his new job, so...)

Both of the cats have been throwing up a lot lately. (sigh) One of them did again today -- but I don't know which one (!!!). What a mess. I ended up stepping in it and tracking it. (sigh) Well, Henry needs to go to the vet soon, but it's hard to figure when just now.

Marilyn sent out an email today telling each of us our Pinnacle submission responsibilities. I need to get crackin' on mine!

I have stuff to share about sister Sue, too -- but I think I'll do a separate entry for that.

Marilyn and I had planned to try and attend Quileute Days in La Push (Washington) this year, but we couldn't get reservations. We both knew it was a possibility, so we'd decided in advance it would be a sign: If we got reservations we'd go and enjoy it -- but if we couldn't, we'd know it wasn't meant to be. We can still make our La Push trip later on -- and actually it was going to be rough to fit it in now with everything else going on...

I have boxes ready for a trip to the Goodwill tomorrow! (woo hoo) Sue said she'd take me (in her NEW car!!!), so that's a good thing. By the time we go I hope to also have at least one large bag of clothes, too. (smile)

Well, time for bed. My Kindle died on me last night. No, don't worry! I simply mean it ran out of juice and had to be charged. (grin) I'm glad it's full up again, so I can read it tonight.

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