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Stayed Home to Organize Before House is Worked On...

I skipped going to the office today. I'll miss Staff meeting, but oh well -- who cares? Marilyn can mention all the IT-related stuff for me. We decided to put off the Server trade out that was planned for this upcoming four-day weekend, for example.

We just need to be able to use the Server over the four-day while trying to meet the deadline for Pinnacle submissions. Kris wasn't crazy about the change, but that's how it goes...

I'm sure there's more to discuss, but it'll keep.

I'm starting to mess around in my bedroom. The idea will be to make it easier to move around in there. We'll see how that goes!

Better get back to it!

Tags: 2011, bedroom, house, it-manager, it-related, june-2011, staff-meeting

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