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Coding -- Something NEW and Exciting.

I spent hours (yes, I said hours) on coding something new today.

Okay, this probably shouldn't have taken so long, but I was really satisfied with the results, so that makes it well worth the time spent! (woo hoo)

It's something I've wanted to try for months, but just couldn't find time for. I guess that's obvious, when I say it took hours. (grin) I just haven't had hours to spend on attempting a new effect.

This required poking around in the style sheet several times. Again, this was the style sheet I inherited when I took over the website several years back. While I've re-written tons of it, there are still things I'm less familiar with. And, for that matter, even if I'd originally written it, that doesn't mean I'd be able to remember all of it. Style sheets can be quite large, and this one certainly is!

Now some random photos I've been waiting to share from this year's festival...

Photo Share!!!

2011 - Charlie's wrist, cedar bracelet
Charlie's wrist, cedar bracelet

2011 Ribbon Cutting - CityFair
2011 Ribbon Cutting - CityFair

2011 CityFair at Night
2011 CityFair at Night

2011 Memorial Day - Charlie and Sgt. Major Lucas
2011 Memorial Day - Charlie and Sgt. Major Lucas

2011 Memorial Day - Jets Flyby
2011 Memorial Day - Jets Flyby

2011 SMC - Charlie
SMC - Charlie

2011 Starlight - Zombie Marching Band
2011 Starlight - Zombie Marching Band

Zombie Jessica with Charlie
Zombie Jessica with Charlie

When I said random, I meant random! For example, I'll always cherish my cedar bracelet, given to me by a tribal elder when we visited Spirit Mountain Casino and the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde prior to the start of the actual festival.

There are a couple of shots from CityFair and from Memorial Day and from Starlight Parade day with the zombie flash mob (so cool).

I have more to share, so hopefully I'll manage that soon!

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