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Busy and Productive Sunday - Nails!

I FINALLY colored my hair this morning (!!!), after not being able to get myself to do all last week. Instead of just doing a root color, I did all over, which I really needed.

Marilyn got her hair colored on Friday, so now we've both got that beauty chore out of the way for a time.

Then we went to get our manicures early this afternoon. Marilyn did a fill and I did a full set. She rarely wants to do a full set, which requires them to rip off the old tips (!!!). It can be pretty painful, I admit. But Marilyn does clear and I do pearl tips, so it does turn out differently after a fill. Plus the underside of mine were a mess, so I was glad to get the full job done (pain or no)...

I sat next to another woman considering cosmetic tattoos -- and I often convince women to go that route. She'll love it if she does!

After our nails, we took the car out to get it washed -- another thing we've really needed to do!

Then we were really close to our friend Tami's house. She recently had surgery and hasn't been doing all that well. We wanted to take her a bottle of vodka and a card, so we drove over there and dropped it by (left it on her front porch). She's on enforced bed rest (!!!), so we didn't expect anyone to answer the door... But she's currently off Facebook, which is how I planned to let her know we'd been there! So I sent her a message via FB and a note to her email. Hopefully she got one or the other (???), as I don't want the bag just to sit out there.

After that we stopped at McDonald's for Mango Pineapple Real Fruit Smoothies. I had my first one ever last night when Marilyn was having her usual Wild Berry Real Fruit Smoothie. We both tasted the new version and it was love at first zip (!!!), so we went back today for more. (And considering Marilyn's been hung up on the Wild Berry flavor forever, it says a lot that she wanted the Mango Pineapple!) If you haven't tried it yet, you really should! So refreshing and DELICIOUS!

I'm still reading the book "Possession" -- but I did read my Kindle the whole time I was getting my nails done. I've never done that before, but I enjoyed it so much I suspect I'll do it again in the future... Have I mentioned recently how much I LOVE my Kindle??? I really, really do!

Speaking of my Kindle, most of the books I have are either FREE, or were pretty inexpensive (with a few rare exceptions). What I read today was a book I paid for -- one of my Louis L'Amour Western collections that I enjoy so much...

Oh! By the way, yesterday I switched my email address, so now I'm actually getting my notifications again. No, not here at home (sigh), but at least I'm getting them! So I won't miss it when you guys comment to me from now on! Finally. It's been MONTHS. I wish I'd done this ages ago...

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