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Tired... Work on House - Computer Fixed

Blake (the house restoration dude) was here at 10:00 with Randy (the flooring dude) to take measurements for the work to be done. There's now a lockbox (with our key in it) on the front door, ready for when the work will be done -- though I'll probably be here much of the time while they're doing things...

Donn and his wife Denise got here around noon-ish to fix my computer. Happily I'm now typing on it, rather than doing work on the (very) old computer. (woo hoo)

But it took him more than three hours (!!!) to fix it. (He was here until 3:15.) And he only charged me $60, which is far too little. But he knew I only had that much cash in the house, and the man is so sweet to me...

The three of us got to do a lot of visiting, which was very nice. I love those people. They're friends, not just someone I turn to for help. But I must admit I was impressed he was here the very next day to take care of my issue!

Marilyn literally left the house just past 6:00 today (!!!) and was at work by 6:30. (Really???) I had stayed in bed and she was going to phone to wake me in time for me to get ready for people to come by (originally Donn had planned to be here earlier). But I was up before 7:30 and on the computer shortly after that...

By late afternoon I was so out of it and tired that I dozed off on the sofa for a bit. I woke just before Marilyn called me on her way home. She was able to get in today to have her hair done, rather than go tomorrow. That's a very good thing (!!!), as now we can play the weekend pretty much by ear. The only thing we MUST get done is our manicures, which we put off last weekend.

I finished reading "The Time Baroness," by Georgina Young-Ellis on my Kindle -- which I enjoyed very much, by the way! It's hard to believe I got this book for 99¢s; (!!!). I'd recommend it to anyone as a very good read. I found it recommended somewhere, but honestly can't recall where...

Speaking of my Kindle, the Harry Potter series is (finally!) going to be sold as e-books in October. About damn time!!!

Andy Roddick went out at Wimbledon today. Andy Murray made it through, though -- as did Maria Sharapova.

In especially GOOD news, New York voted to legalize gay marriage (woo hoo) -- which made me very happy.

Now I'm more than ready for a nap!

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