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First Day of Summer (woo hoo)

Today is happily the first day of SUMMER!!! (woo hoo) I'm so glad! And it was warm today and totally seemed like summer.

The City guys were here working on their part of sewer again today. Really nice guys. I won them over by laughing a lot and taking tons of photos and even some video that I plan to make into a YouTube. They even let me sit in the backhoe!!! Very fun, as far as I'm concerned.

I also found two new places to download books for my Kindle: PixelofInk.Com and InspiredReads.Com -- I downloaded four more books and started reading one that I think is really interesting... More about that later.

Marilyn had to work late -- there's still loads to do, even though the festival is now officially over (as of this past Sunday). We're probably NOT going to take our usual vacation, because we need to get the Pinnacle submissions ready before the deadline. (The early ones -- 20 of them -- have already gone.) But we get a four-day weekend for the Fourth of July (we usually take the full week off), so it's fine. We need to get those things in and it's IMPORTANT to all of us!

I didn't mention that the elderly woman who is selling her car to sister Sue took a fall and broke her hip, the poor dear! So the whole car deal has been delayed. Sue has a buyer for her car, however -- a young guy (19) getting his first-ever car. I think that's very special! Sue's not going to ask for as much as she'd wanted to, because she really wants him to have the car -- and he's so excited to get it. (Sweet of her, I think.)

She went to pick up my medicine for me this evening. Something for my continued nausea, which is apparently more due to the infection than the meds. And I'm taking my second round of Azithromycin (sigh).

Sue and I went to Freddies today so I could shop -- then we had a bite to eat. We both didn't eat much, though -- we just felt too yucky. Sue goes through this all the time, so she totally understands how I feel right now.

I did the garbage and recycling today, a load of dishes and made a casserole for dinner. The only thing I'd planned to do but didn't was color my hair.

Tomorrow is 'story day' at the festival -- where we share our special stories from this year with each other. I'm looking forward to it, even though I've no clue what I'm going to share...

We're also having a communications meeting tomorrow -- our first real meeting in ages.

Well, I'm off for a nap and to read my Kindle!

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