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New Computer for Ashley -- and Lunch from Fave Place...

I came to work today to get some IT projects done. Good thing, as the upstairs was super-hot (!!!) in a very BAD way -- so we got John from the City over to fix the problem, thankfully! (It's NOT a good thing when the Server and Phone Server get too warm...)

Our day started out with another backhoe parked in front of our house (!!!). No, I did not expect to be saying that after the last one! And this was a far bigger one. They had it directly blocking our driveway (with us parked in it) -- and it went well over at both sides. They also used a jackhammer, so the whole house was shaking! Poor Colin was hiding under Marilyn's bed, where I had to go and comfort him...

We had an appointment with our contractor this morning at 9:00. It was sister Sue, Marilyn, Kyle, Blake and me. More about that later, but it's all sounding pretty good!

Then Sue headed home and Marilyn and I headed to work. We took a break around 12:30-ish, partly to talk some important work-related things. When we got back, I headed over to Mandarin Cove to get their House Special Fried Rice, which I adore. It has three kinds of meat and is fabulous.

This afternoon I've been working on Ashley's NEW computer. I'm setting it up in C (currently where Shannon -- Marilyn's intern -- is sitting), which will be Ashley's new space in August. This gives her the chance to transition from her old computer to the new one.

The new computer is NICE. It's got a lot of RAM, so it seems pretty fast to me, personally. I made sure the necessary software is installed and so on.

But there are a few issues. It's running Win7. Kris advised me that we did need to start going that way (I rejected it for the two new towers in 2010, in favor of WinXP), and I had to agree. But I've got problems with Win7 at home -- and it's really no surprise I'd have issues with it here at work, as well.

I simply can NOT reason out how to make all users who log on have local Administrative rights, meaning allowing them to install software applications to their own computer. (sigh) This is a pain, as I can't be around every damn time someone needs to install something.

Hopefully this is something easy that Kris can explain to me... If and when he and I connect, which needs to be soon. It's time to talk about the transition to our new Server now!

Happily, I'm sitting at my own desk upstairs and it's comfortable here. Not so for much of the day, believe me! This seems to be an on-going issue that we've had since we moved in to the Rose Building more than a year ago. I wonder if they can resolve it or not?

Well, I guess we're heading home -- more later!

And now it's 7:12 and we ARE home. So I've finished up this entry and I'm going to share it. The front of the house is pretty amusing, I have to tell you. I do so need to share some photos one of these days. Yeah, I know I keep saying that!

Off to play Zuma...

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