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Sunny Day -- Lunch Alone

The weather here in Portland today is LOVELY! Blue skies and sunny. Summer is clearly just around the corner (next week, literally). And we're supposed to have weather in the 70's and 80's next week. (woo hoo)

Marilyn and I took a mid-day break with a ride to Sauvie Island -- something we really love to do!

After we got back, Marilyn went straight to her office to work, and I grabbed my Kindle and headed out for some food.

I've been having some trouble eating while taking my current meds (and maybe because of the infection in my body, too). I'm eating carefully, one might say. And my blood sugar has been quite low (too low) as a result...

Well, I went to lunch at the 'turkey place' (I honestly don't know the name), which is located on Jefferson, a few blocks walk from our office. On Fridays they have a homemade curry and chicken (served with white rice) that I just love.

You know what? Every now and then it's nice to go all alone to lunch. I actually love to sit and read while eating -- even though I know everyone and their cousin thinks it's wrong. Tough! I've always LOVED to read. And I see nothing wrong with reading during a meal if you're alone. You're not being rude to anyone. And if it means I'm a 'loser,' then whatever -- I really don't care. We can't always eat with another person (or lots of others), no matter what TV and the movies tries to make us think... (smile)

The place was fairly quiet, which was nice. It's clean and has good (if not terrific) food. I also got a bottle of pop for Marilyn as well as me, which is a nice mid-day pick-me-up.

Now I'm sitting upstairs messing with my small HP printer, which I can't seem to get to work. I've never hooked it back up again since Rosanna borrowed it last year for WFV. So it's been sitting unused for an entire year (!!!). I suppose I need new cartridges or something... (sigh) I originally bought it to use because now and then I just need to print something out that shouldn't require me to run all the way downstairs (!!!) to one of the shared printers. Well, I'll try again to get it to work, if possible...

I had to go get some paper from the workroom -- and we barely had any. Apparently nobody planned for them to need to take a box to Rose Cup, so... (Really???)

It's right around 3:00 p.m. -- so the day is close to ending. I'm very much looking forward to that -- and a long nap tonight! We almost went to the midnight movie for "Green Lantern" last night -- but we were too tired. And that's NOT something you'll hear me say very often!!!

We're going to see "Super 8" tomorrow with birthday girl Jessica. I'm going to make a casserole for dinner -- and maybe we'll pick up a cake or something...

The weather is supposed to turn yucky this weekend (sigh), but as I'd love to rest and work around the house, it really doesn't matter, I guess. Of course, if the weather changes, we'd probably make a quick change of plans that put us somewhere we could enjoy it!

I barely spoke to sister Sue yesterday and haven't talked to her at all today. I wonder how things are going with her health and the 'new' car?

Marilyn and I need to go shopping -- probably to WalMart. (And I need a chicken from Freddies to make my casserole.) We keep thinking about going, but again, we've been tired -- so...

Back to work!

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