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Feeling Somewhat Yucky...

Sister Sue and I went to the deli at Freddies to grab a bite to eat. (Nicole stayed in the car, texting friends.)

All was fine when I got home. I was still hungry, so I finished up the food and my diet Crush. Then I was suddenly sick and threw it all up. (yuck) I don't know if it's because of the infection in my system from this bad tooth, taking the Amoxicillin or what. Maybe I just ate too much or ate too fast. (sigh)

Anyway, I'm off to do the garbage and recycling (it's Wednesday) -- hopefully before it pours down rain again (!!!) -- Sue and I were already caught in a downpour earlier.

Tags: 2011, dental, freddies, garbage-and-recycling, june-2011, medication, nicole, pain, rain, sick, sister-sue

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